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Monday, October 24, 2016

Emma Bunton Meets Her Fan To Celebrate Her Day After Her Cancerversary

Standing up for supporting cancer patients, Emma Bunton surprised a 25-year-old cancer victim over the weekend. One of the famous members of all time favorite girls music group "the Spice Girl" specially pulled out an episode of her time to meet Sophie Belcher, the patient, so that she could give her some moments of happiness. The songsters is going viral on her music fans who now listens to her on Heart FM, a popular radio show being aired on a daily basis.

Emma wanted to mark Sophie's efforts to overcome cancer as a big celebration and she did it by joining her on the big day after she fought the illness for 20 years. The resident of Stoke-on-Trent, Sophie was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 5. Her parents took her hospital after she was found with suspected lazy eyes where she came to know she was actually suffering from neuroblastoma. After a couple of months of treatment and chemotherapy, Sophie went through a tumor removal operation.

She is a great fan of the Spice Girl and even wanted to stay in touch with her favorite group by wearing their clothes during her stay in the hospice. Sophie's illness was quite complex so surgeons could only remove a twenty-five percent of the tumor, and she had continuous monitoring for several years after that. Her tumor couldn’t be removed completely though she had more surgeries and several episodes of chemotherapy after that. However, Sophie is better now and battling the leftovers of the illness.

Sophie wasn't the only one to have struggled with cancer as her brother died due to brain tumor six years back while her mother passed away earlier this year due to breast cancer. Sadly, medical reports reveal her family is affected with Li Fraumeni Syndrome, a medical cause that dangerously increases risks of developing cancer. Following the tests, Sophie is recommended to continue with having health checks by the time.

Despite Sophie has seen many ups and downs in her life due to cancer, she is happy to overcome the disease and wants to fully celebrate this. She says it was 'cancerversary’ and she is feeling proud to have come out of this. She believes she is a strong and determined young lady; and so she specially came to London along with a friend to mark the celebration. She was invited to an evening tea where Emma Bunton was awaiting for her. The singer bought her a beautiful and yummy cake of her choice.

Emma had a very positive response to Sophie and her efforts. The singer admires Sophie as an extraordinary young lady and feels so honored to have met her that day. She says its girl power personified which gives huge inspiration to others. Sophie has been struggling with cancer for twenty years, lost her brother and mother in the deadly disease but still her spirit is unbreakable. Emma says she is proud to have her to support "Stand Up To Cancer".

Emma says she and Sophie have joined the revolt against cancer and she urges everyone to join them, contribute financially and help them in fundraising. She also says she would appreciate if anyone helps them in whatever term they can do for a faster treatment of cancer patients.

Sophie was very glad to meet her favorite star and expressing her emotions she said all her 5-year-old dreams had come true with this meeting. She came to the venue under the pretence of an evening tea, and The Spice Girl singer was just in front of her. She insisted she didn't have an idea of what was to happen but it eventually turned out to be amazing when she saw her coming to meet her in particular.

Sophie said she was used to love everything about the Spice Girl when she was 5. She was used to dress up as the members of the girls group did during her treatment and it really worked for her to go through that tough time. However, it's a positive celebration of her 20-year cancerversary after meeting Emma who also brought cake and flowers for Sophie to surprise her.

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