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Friday, November 4, 2016

Kelly Clarkson Doesn’t Want to be a Bad Mother

As she tries to be the best possible mother to her two children, Kelly Clarkson is suffering from a severe case of mummy guilt. Six months ago, the Since U Been Gone singer became a mom for the second time when she gave birth to her son, Remington. Now, she is not just his mother, but also one to her two-year-old daughter, River Rose as well as the two kids of her husband Brandon Blackstock from a previous relationship. She has admitted that her life at home can often get overwhelming.

Talking to People magazine, she said that it required a whole lot of juggling. The singer said that even though she loves music, family remains her top priority. She also revealed that there were days when she got tired of it all and ended up crying because there is not enough time to get everything done. However, she said that this was probably true for just about any mother because taking care of children is hard as it is such a huge responsibility and you don’t want to be bad at it.

Kelly said that every day was not the same, but there is always a high level of energy as the older kids are homeschooled, which means that the house is never empty and stays busy. Nevertheless, the singer said that the worst part about motherhood surfaces every time sheKelly Clarkson Doesn’t Want to be a Bad Mother
 has to promote a new song or book or go for a performance. She added that she is not very good at time management, which makes her feel mom guilt. She said that she also felt guilty because her mother didn’t have any help in raising her children, but she does.

The singer said that she wanted to be with her kids daily and didn’t want to miss a single moment. But, she also wants to be a confident woman for her daughter so she has to face everything.      

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