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Friday, October 21, 2016

Lady Gaga Opens Up About Her Life Experiences

Lady Gaga opened up about herself during a freely chat with Zane Lowe at the popular television show "Beats 1". She revealed her views and personal experiences of life and told the host how strongly she has been going through her tough times. The interview will be broadcasted on October 20, 2016.

Gaga quoted hard lessons of life which she received from Elton John and Stevie. She says it's the trilogy of disaster and she really means it. Moreover, she has found this in the case of aforementioned stars, for example, when she sees Stevie Wonder embraces a girl telling her she got to stop smoking cigarettes. Or sometimes, the same goes with Tony Bennett who is just a strange man. According to the singer, whenever he meets her, he repeatedly says Gaga is spoiling her gift and she mustn't do that. Gaga says it is very hard to deal with such situations, and then she comes to Elton who just knows how to play with others and never cares if anybody is left heartbroken. Gaga wonders how these stars are telling others to quit smoking. When asked about the best advice Elton ever has given her, the musician said he told her to be sober.

The 30-year-old gives her views on perfect illusion saying she doesn't like to date in the similar way her friends do. She sees her friends enjoy their dates online and use social media where is everything that all common people go through; and Gaga thinks it is really rough to do this way.

Adding her friend, the singer says, she also sees her friend goes on date and then tells her where he was with her girlfriend and what was going on there. Gaga questions what people get from such kind of posts as she believes it's just like looking at social media and ruining the relationships?

According to Gaga, Instagram, SnapChat and all other platforms of this genre are actually ruining relationships. Moreover, it seems people subliminally tell each other everything with the use of social media about what they are feeling about each other. Gaga says it's nothing more than a perfect illusion. The real thing is what lovers and partners do in the room as they look in each other’s eyes. But with online romance, everything just flies away as she considers internet is similar to the Earth but it is in a way; and she's sure people are going to destroy it by all they are doing with it.

Talking about what her life was before she turned out to be a famous star, Gaga says, she has let go of who she was before getting fame but it never means that she has just become Lady Gaga and has left her far behind as it's simply not what she means by saying that.

Gaga says her life is different now as she now can't walk down the streets in the similar way and be herself as she was used to before her fame. And the people she meets today weren't always interested in speaking to her about real human things such as they're at present time. All these people like to know about is superficial things, a photograph, or a selfie.

In addition, the other topics they want to talk about are how they do on their social media accounts such as Snapchat or Instagram. She says while people like to post an Insta-snap story or whatever they want, she just did jazz. Famous people get children with them just like 9 Go-Pros attaching to their heads to show they are famous and would follow popularity monsters in a way.

The Bad Romance hit-maker told Zane she had to consider for herself that her life was not going to be as same as she had but she loves to be the same girl who was used to walk down the streets on the lower Eastside that nobody did know before.

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