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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lady Gaga To Perform At A Political Show Following Her Split With Fiancé

The pop star Lady Gaga is going to appear before public with her same thrilling style at a live show which is being organized for a political cause on July, 28, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The upcoming gig gets heap publicity and public attention as it will be singer's first performance after her split with the American actor Taylor Kinney.

Gaga and Kinney parted their ways a month back and the superstar in an emotional post on social media confirmed the long-swirling rumors were true. Gaga signed in to her Instagram account and wrote the former couple is "taking a break'. However, she declined the rumors which were claiming that the singer wants to hide herself behind an emotional wrap and will be away from music for some time.

Sooner the decline became a fact and news confirmed that Gaga is returning to public with a superbly fascinating performance for a political concert. The Camden Rising Concert which is going to be organized a couple of hours before Hillary Clinton who has also served as the Secretary of State will formally decide over her nomination for president by Democratic Party. The formal ceremony will be taking place at the Democratic National Convention. The other highlights of the show are Lenny Kravitz and Jazzy Jeff- the DJ.

Not to mention, Gaga is a huge fan of Hillary and this isn't first time when the singer is supporting the presidential candidate. The rapper with Tony Bennett appeared at a fundraising event in New York City last year. Bennett is a frequent collaborator to Gaga and they have teamed up for a number of events over last several years.

Since the breakup news has already fired the surroundings around the singer, she appears to be drawing more attention on several occasions. That's why she was soon noticed without her engagement ring in Malibu. The same was seen when Gaga was out on vacation with her friends in Mexico.

However, the ‘Poker Face’ hitmaker didn't deny the breakup news and addressed the topic in social media on Wednesday. She admitted that there are a number of problems between the couple and they are trying to sort things out.

Gaga posted her picture with fiancé in a romantic mood on Instagram. She wrote she and Taylor always believe that they are made for each other. And they aren't the first couple with ups and downs as every couple deals with different problems. The songwriter says they have been taking a break hoping they would soon figure things out.

Both Gaga and Kenny are excellent performers and aim to grow higher. The Chicago Fire star is turning to be one of the favorite movie stars in the Hollywood and Gaga is running a hugely successful musical career. They got engaged in 2015 after a 4-year romance life. The couple hopes they would work with complicated schedules along with continuing their simple love. Gaga claims that she and Kenny really love each other.  

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