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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Liam Payne Signs Contract To Begin With His First Solo

Liam Payne has announced his new adventure as a solo artist and feels heap excitement with the opportunity. He is the third member of English group ‘One Direction’ who has signed a new contract and will play his first solo under Capitol Records, UK. Previously, One Direction’s Zayn Malik and Harry Styles have signed their deal as a solo artist.

Liam has confirmed his agreement with the music company and said he would soon record his first solo track with them. The confirmation has made the fans mourning on the members slowly separating their directions. is loaded with a number of messages of the devotee who say they fear ‘One Direction’ is soon going to be finished since another member leaves the band.

Ruth Payne, the vocalist’s sister insists that Liam would come back to the group. She on Twitter wrote, her brother’s solo project is nothing more than temporary pause and the boys will soon reunite. She denies the speculations saying the announced hiatus on band’s mutual activities is going to be permanent as Liam announces a solo deal.  

In addition, Liam also refuses the rumors. He says ‘One Direction’ is his uniqueness and always will be like his home. He believes the group members are his family and he can never leave his family. However, he is very excited with the opportunity and can’t wait to see what the new chapter is going to bring for him.

Liam is electrifying with the deal. He says he is very happy with the opportunity to work with Capitol, UK. They have produced amazing artists and the 22-year-old hopes he would follow their footsteps. On the other hand, Nick Raphael who is the president of the company says it doesn’t happen frequently that you get the chance to sign some talented and ambitious youngsters who have already conquered the world.  

‘One Direction’ is a 4-memebers boys’ band which was formed in 2010 in England. The band has had many successful tracks and concerts together.  The boys took a break from the band’s mutual activities since Rayn Malik, signed a deal as a solo artist. He was the first member of the group who initiated with a new company as a solo and became a success with the attempt ‘Like I would’.

Later Harry Style moved on to solo singing followed by signing a contract with Columbia Records. He also signed Christopher Nolan’s The Dunkirk- a movie on the subject of World War II. Other members are also in their separate career directions. Niall Horan is busy with his golf management agency and is also playing as a solo artist.

Liam has been a good songwriter and had also teamed up with Wiz Khalifa and Juicy.J earlier in 2016.  The song was secretly leaked online making his fans quick assume the artist behind.  According to some unofficial reports, it was one of the songs that Liam had made with collaborator Juicy and TM88 produced it. The song was reportedly Liam’s first solo single. 

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