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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Christina Grimmie’s New Album To Release In Coming Months

Christina Grimmie is no more. Her loss is huge both for her family and fans. However, as it is said the show must go one, the team of the demised singer has announced the release of her new album that she had worked on before her unfortunate death. The release dates for four new music videoa are scheduled for August and September this year.

The 22-years-old recorded these video earlier in the year and spent more than six hours in choreography and four days of shooting. She also left for her wildfire tour right after the completion of the music videos. Her manager says, the new album is a demonstration of her love and passion for music.

It was June 11, 2016 when the young singer Christina Grimmie was showered with her own blood at the Plaza Live during a post-concert meet-and-greet in Florida. She came there to open the act for a pop-rock band ‘Before you exit’ but didn’t know that it would be her last performance.

According to social media gossips, Kevin Loibl was wild after the 22-years-old and wanted her to be friendly with him. On Christina's refusal he killed her. However, the witnesses stated Christina was with her fans signing autographs in a pleasant mood when a guy came in and opened fire on the singer. The officials also recovered two additional guns and a large hunting knife from his belongings.

Following the tragedy, both bodies were taken under custody for investigation and the autopsy procedure. It's just yesterday, when officials unveiled their findings saying Grimmie's demise is a homicide and the gunshot wound in the head and lungs was the major cause of her immediate death. The reports also suggested the lack of drugs in the bodies. The autopsy process was done and reported by Joshua D. Stephanywh who is the chief medical examiner at Orlando Regional Medical Center,

Marcus Grimmie was present in the same greet-and-meet venue where Christina was killed. He tried tackling the suspect to the ground following the fatal shooting but Kelvin shortly after that took his own life too. Christina’s brother said, it was all of sudden and when they reached near the singer, she had already succumbed to gunshots. Though she was rushed to the nearby hospital but passed almost immediately.  

The sudden death of Christina Gemmie shocked almost everyone inside and outside the music industry. Many celebrities mourned on the loss and offered their support for the family. Brain Teefay who is the stepfather of Salena Gomez made a fundraising page for supporting her family. According to Christina’s manager, GoFundMe is the title of the page that is merely an attempt to support the family of slaughtered singer and he looks forward to people to be supportive for the cause.

The funeral took place after six days of Christina's murder in New Jersey while a public memorial was also held in the wake of tragedy on the same day. The memorial saw countless mourners who were in shock on the young death. Christina's family expressed their gratefulness for the outpouring of huge support. 

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