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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Global Cause Unites Singers At Global Citizen Festival In New York City

It’s time to watch all your favorite stars at one place in an upcoming musical festival which is going to rock the people of New York City in September 2016. Being held for global cause, the Global Citizen Festival will unite biggest music celebrities at one platform where the main focus will be on education and the concert will work to raise meticulous awareness about the cruel truth surrounding the worldwide education or the need of thereof.

The management has just announced the list of stars for the concert, making the event a huge excitement which no one loving the music would like to miss. Slated names to bring on the stage in Central Park include Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, and Salena Gomez. All these singers have expressed their huge glees for being honorable participants at the festival. In addition to the list of megawatt performers, Ellie Glouding and Chris Martin will be giving special guest performance.

Salena Gomez released a statement saying nothing can give her more honor than this opportunity to perform in such a big event like Global Citizen Festival as it has been helping to solve important issues of the world. The American rapper is feeling so proud to be chosen for 2016 as they are focusing on education this year. She says she as an artist with lots of young devotes, believes everyone has the right to get education.

The mega festival will be boasting the best of the performances in each section of the concert. The list of hosting names reveals famous personalities who have been handpicked to demonstrate their best at the venue. Chelsea Handler, Neil Patrik, Priyanka Chopra, Salma Hayek and a few others are included in the names lined up.

According to the Jackmans, the organization is continually giving a positive impact for third world’s issues which is simply tremendous. They say they are anxiously waiting for the moment when loads of activists who moved forward practically and did something significant for extreme poverty, will celebrate their success in New York City’s Central Park.  

Priyanaka Chopra, the Indian superstar expressed her pleasure saying she is very much looking forward to co-host the festival with an amazing group of talented people. She admired the spirit of the festival and said she with a number of travelling for her work; she can see the world is interconnected force now. According to the actress, this festival represents an incredible example of the power to look across borders, and work together for the great cause and she is happy to be a part of this.

Found in 2012, the Global Citizen Festival is organized as a non-profitable project aiming at elimination of global poverty in such a short period of next fourteen years. Since, the fans willing to attend the festival cannot purchase the tickets, they can visit the official website of the organization to know more about the ways they can be a participant and win free tickets for the concert.

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