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Sunday, July 31, 2016

One Year Of Bobbi Kristina Brown's Death

It’s now been a year of the tragic death of the American singer Bobbi Kristina. July 26, 2015 was the date when the lovers of American music lost their beloved singer at the age of 22. On the sad occasion of her first death anniversary her loved ones are crying and mourning like they were doing when she passed away. And since then everyone is giving her words of esteem, acknowledgement and honor in their own different ways.

Unfortunately, the causes of her death still remains as anonymous and various dubious whispers still can be heard in the atmosphere. The singer was found face-down in her bathtub in her Roswell’s residence in Georgia. She was rushed to a nearby hospice where she spent a 6-month time in coma and remained unresponsive and unconscious till her passing away.

Debbie Reis, who is an old friend of the demised singer, honored her next-door neighbor in an emotional mark of respect. During a formal talk to ‘People’ Magazine, she said she would always remember Kristina, and has bundles of memories of a pretty and sweet girl on her death anniversary. According to the old friend, Kristina gave her so much but her death anniversary and her birthday are the days when she misses her too much and her memories stay in the forefront of her mind.

Debbie who feels so lucky and happy that she ever had a friend like Kristina, looked through all pictures of the young singer on her death anniversary and focused on the ones in which Kristina was with her on her wedding day. Debbie said these pictures make her smiling all the time when she looks at them and she wouldn’t like to recall the dark days Kristina had and so she would only remember the good, the happiness and the way Kristina chuckled and laughed.

Bobby Brown appeared on Instagram on July 26, 2016 and posted a snap of his two children on the social media. The picture featured his son admiring his painting and his deceased daughter on her wedding with Whitney Houston.  He said he misses her daughter a lot. She was a blessing.

Though investigations over her sudden tragic death continue to go, the most claims on her death reveals Bobbi Kristina was a drug consumer and her death apparently seems the result of a combination of drugs and drowning. On the other hand, his father has filed a civil court case against Nick Gordon earlier in May this year. Brown has accused him as the culprit of Kristina’s wrongful death and said whatever happened with his daughter; he was the one behind the scene. Not to mention, Nick was the boyfriend of the deceased singer and insists he was not the reason for her death. Nick says he too is brokenhearted and destroyed over the loss of his love and it is shameless and cruel to hold him responsible in public.

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