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Monday, July 18, 2016

Alicia Keys Says She Learned To Respect Herself After Having A Baby

Alicia Keys has recently become a mother of another baby boy who she has given name ‘Genesis’. She has already has a son named ‘Egypt’ with her Swizz Beatz, the proud father and Alicia’s husband. The moments she passed through during her both pregnancies were a fascinating memory for the celebrity mother. And now since she has become a mother of two sons, it has made her to know how a woman should be respecting herself.

Alicia is the singer who after becoming a mother realized how precious family time can be. The feelings eventually made her giving priority to her family and so, she refused almost every offer that was asking her to take the mother away from her sons.

In an interview with ‘Citizens of Humanity’-the magazine, the American singer said she thinks it was a huge change for her when she was expecting her first child and finally had him in her arms. She really felt kind of respect for herself for the first time in her life.

According to the ‘No one’ star, it may sound weird but she really felt like in different ways that she went through. She valued what time she spent for the first time and she respected what the value is of becoming a mother and having a baby.  Alicia further said at the same time she realized it was something precious for she was giving up her career. Moreover, becoming a mother has made her know when and how to draw a line and this is something she did not know before that.

Alicia did not feel concerned what she was missing out on or what she was losing by refusing the offers and the opportunities. She chose to be present and it was a big lesson to her. She said everyone grows up and she thinks everyone should grow up like this.

In the reply of the question how empowered she was feeling by becoming a mother, the singer said, she feels it’s really amazing and somehow wild too. However, no one can deny that becoming a mother is just crazy especially when you have your baby in your arms for the first time.

Alicia said when she first time took her son into her arms she was like wow, he was so delicate and must need everything. She says babies cannot even move yet and you have to feed them.

“My children will not live without me and if I don’t look after them to be sure that they are well, they will die “, she insisted.

Alicia is also faithful to her marriage with Swizz who is an American rap producer. She wants to nurture the relationship with him. Their romance began in 2008 and tied knots after two years of their romance. The couple is celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary this month.

Alicia believes in staying connected with her husband and says it’s very important for the survival of her romantic relationship. According to the singer, presence is critical in any relationship. Giving and taking time for the one you love helps a relationship grow stronger. She says one should not let everything else become more important than their relationship whether it’s a career, a job or anything else. Relationship should be the most important thing in one’s life. 

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