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Saturday, July 23, 2016

4 Instruments That Musicians Feel Incomplete Without

Picking music as a career seems like a lot of fun but it comes with its own set of heavy responsibilities. Just the fact that many musicians are on tours for years without coming back home should make you think if you really want to pick up this career. Furthermore, these musicians have to create worthy music which in itself is quite a big challenge. They need the company of their voice, emotions, and some instrument in order to come up with great melodies that world remembers forever. But what are those instruments that musicians really feel lonely without?

1. Guitar

In the past, you would have said western music but today, in any part of the world, musicians can’t live without a guitar. Even if you are a drummer performing for a band, it can be expected that you play guitars as well. The thing about guitar is that there is this amazing feeling of holding and playing it. You could literally play it while sitting, laying down or hanging upside down. Starting with an acoustic guitar you finally hold an electric guitar in your hands which allows you to play almost any sound that you could imagine in your head.

2. Bass Guitar

If you don’t know much about guitars, there is a big difference between a bass and a regular guitar. The bass guitar is there in the back of the song laying a rhythmic foundation that often moves with the drumming patterns. As the name says, bass guitar is for bass. Typically a bass guitar will consist of only 4 strings. These strings are much thicker than the strings on a regular guitar because they are meant for producing a bass sound. While you don’t hear it loud, no professional song with full music is complete without a bass guitar. You should log on to, a store for electronic and electric items that houses some nice electric guitars with great bass.

3. Drums

What would the world of music be like if there was no beat? Drums are there to give you a beat that you play and sing to. However, they are much more than just giving the beat. The thrill of playing the drums is more than playing any other instrument. In fact, the only instrument that people would argue is better than a guitar is drum. Drum kits are expensive but if you start out with a very basic one it won’t cost you much. Every genre of music has a different style of drum required to accompany it.

4. Piano/Keyboard

The most common instrument used in music pieces around the world after guitar and drums is piano. Piano or keyboard used to be quite a sober and decent instrument in the past but with the modern keyboards you could do about anything. They make all the sounds possible in the world from instrument sounds to weird noises made by animals in the jungle. You could play it conventionally like a keyboard in front of you or hang it to your shoulders and play however you like. The keyboard makes the music feel full and can even replace guitars at times to play solos. 

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