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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Tom Hiddleston Insists His Love For Taylor Swift is Real

Taylor Swift is in the news for her new love story with Tom Hiddleston these days. While rumors were in the air saying the actor is just passing his time with her for publicity, the statement from Tom’s end has kept all mouths shut.

The Bad Blood star started dating the actor after a very short time of her breakup with ex-boyfriend. Before Tom, Taylor was dating Calvin Harris for more than a year and the former couple parted ways in May this year.

'Taylor with the new boyfriend can be seen in Australia now days where the actor is busy in the recording of his new movie, Thor: Ragnarok- a film by Brit. Right from the beginning of their love story in June 2016, the new couple has been traveling around the world’s famous destinations together. They enjoyed their days in the world’s most romantic places such as Italy and Rome.

Apparently the love story between the two stars is just like top of the world. They both can be seen deeply in love with each other. Though, lots of critics are wondering if their affair is authentic or just an attempt to make others fool for good reasons, the English actor has spoken out to guarantee them he and Taylor’s are truly in love and their romance is authentic.

In the answer of an abrupt question by a Hollywood reporter, Tom said the truth is he and Taylor Swift are together and they are very happy with each other. He emphasized saying he wants to just make it very much clear that his love with Taylor is a truth and it isn’t any sort of publicity stunt.  He also thanked the reporter for asking about it.

Taylor Swift hasn’t given any statements over the critics’ views on her new relationship. She may be taking the actor’s public declaration of love for her as an opportunity to grab more headlines just after her much attention grabber controversy over Calvin and RIhanna’s new hit.  Whatever it is for the rapper, the truth is that Tom has publically declared his love for Taylor Swift which is absolutely fantastic.

Taylor Swift confirmed she was the lyricist of Calvin’s new song which was recorded in the collaboration of Barbadian singer Rihanna. It is important to mention, the DJ did not mention about Taylor’s involvement in the making of his new track “This is what you come for” and commented he couldn’t find himself working with Taylor on any song.

The statement was a breaking point in their relationship and just after a few days of song’s release the former couple parted their ways. Later, Taylor released a statement saying she penned down the song and published it with a pseudonym. Her representative confirms she agreed to keep her role under wrap.

Taylor’s statement hurt Calvin Harris so much making him feel “look bad” and so he decided to expel his frustration using his twitter account. He admitted Taylor’s role in the song and explained his part too. Moreover, he revealed it was Taylor who wanted to keep her role as a secret.

According to Harris, the publicist is nothing more than a stunt to harm his reputation.  He also hit on Taylor’s new relationship asking her to focus on her life and new boyfriend.

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