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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mark Rylance Speaks Out Bundles of Praises for English Singer Harry Styles

The English singer Harry Styles has chosen a new career path. He is debuting as an actor in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film the Dunkirk. It’s a drama on the subject of the Dunkirk evacuation and Harry’s fans will see their favorite singer playing a soldier in the movie. Tom Hardy and Mark Rylance are also playing important roles in the film.    

The English songwriter whose full name is Harry Edward Style debuted as a vocalist with his music group ‘One Direction. The 22-years-old is famous for his pretty eyes and lovely smile. He arrived in the music industry in 2010 and was running a smooth musical career at a peaceful pace when the English-American Director Christopher Nolan approached him for his new film, and Harry after a thoughtful discussion with his friends and family members accepted the offer.

Harry is a hard worker. He has cut his long hair to justify the character’s demand. He visited a number of locations for his film’s shooting in the last couple of months. The cast and crew will now be moving to Britain’s Weymouth located in Dorset this month.

Reports claim the singer is really doing a great job with his role in the debut film. Mark Rylance who is an Oscar award winner and a senior British actor has also appreciated the boy and admired his work saying he is a good actor and doesn’t need any tips to improve his acting skills. He is doing complete justice with his character in the feature film.

Mark also flattered kind remarks for his style, good looks, sense of humor, and talent. Speaking out to bundle admiration on his co-star, he claimed Harry doesn’t need any acting tips because he is in an excellent shape for being a good performer even though it’s his first film.  

The British theater director compared Harry to Sean Penn who is an experienced actor, and said he did not act like a megastar on set. According to Mark, Harry is a witty and jolly person who makes him laugh. And he is really surprised to see him so brave at this age.

“Harry doesn’t make any fuss and I am so pleased about this”, He added.

“Harry seems amazing. He is one of those people who have a kind of flair and confidence. I think Sean Penn has it as well. I am wonder how did they get that? How do they take life so easy?  I am delighted he’s got a lovely role which is a true gift at his career’s beginning.”

Mark says he doesn’t feel any problem when they are on film’s set and recording scenes for the movies. However, he can see lots of girls roaming all over the set and trying to reach the young actor. Harry is one handsome fellow with an incredible smile and eyes which makes him afraid of girls. He laughed.

Some social media platforms claim that a number of Harry’s fans in Holland had cut holes in fences to get a glimpse of the star. The blend of social media claims and Mark’s comments seemingly woke up the security officials and confirmed reports emerged out suggesting additional security has been hired to deal with the devotees on the red carpet.    

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