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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez Hooking Up

According to a new report, Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez have been hooking up. Since the pair collaborated on the song We Don’t Talk Anymore for the debut album of Charlie, Nine Track Mind, they have stayed close friends. However, it has been alleged that there is something more to it and the pair are not just friends. Reports say that in the past few months, the couple have been having a fling. A source said that while it wasn’t very serious, Gomez was really into Puth.

But, when a friend of Selena’s friend was questioned about the relationship between the two stars, they insisted that the two share a ‘flirty friendship’. Regardless of their relationship status, both singers have been very vocal about each other’s talents and admiration. In November 2015, Charlie had told Us Weekly that he hung out with Selena because she really gets him. He and Selena first met in August 2015 at the MTV Music Video Awards party and he immediately approached her about doing a duet.

He told the magazine that he had gone up to her and begun talking immediately. Her maturity had impressed him and he had found her very interesting. Selena also stated that she and Charlie had had an instant chemistry when they met. She said in December that they had really hit it off and he really brought out the best in her. Despite the rumors about a romance between Gomez and Puth, there has also been speculation that her ex, Justin Bieber, is also looking for a reconciliation. Earlier this month, he posted a throwback picture of him and Selena kissing. A couple of days later, Selena was seen in the audience of one of his concerts in LA. A source told Us Weekly that Bieber wants to get back together, but Selena is not interested. 

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