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Friday, March 18, 2016

Keith Urban Depends on his Wife for Song Quality Control

Actress Nicole Kidman has become crucial for the music of her husband Keith Urban as she doesn’t release a song that doesn’t have her stamp of approval. The Australian country start admitted that he had become quite dependent on his wife’s opinions of his new songs. He said that when she listens to whatever he is working on, he watches her expressions to judge if it is good or not. He said that the actress had been a huge help to him when he had to choose tracks for his new album called Ripcord, which is scheduled for release on May 16th.

Keith said that a girl’s view is important to him so he is very much attuned to her response. Also, he added that she was the inspiration behind most of his music. His eighth studio album, Ripcord, is only a couple months away from its release, but tracks haven’t been finalized as yet. He said that he had to make the final decision, but this is the most difficult part and he tends to reach out to those he trust for their input in this process. He asserted that if it were left to him, the record would probably have 24 songs. 

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