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Friday, January 9, 2015

The GhosMerck Storm Is About To Hit You

The world is connected to internet round the clock and things are happening quite fast in this virtual world. Videos go viral and then they settle down in seas of data residing in heaps of hard drives on servers around the world. However, there are some things and some people who can’t be forgotten that easily and GhosMerck is definitely one of them. This talented young blood has rose to the top with this skills at rapping. He has a unique tone in his voice and his lyrics are addictive that you would want to hear over and over.

Due to the immense talent that he has in him he has been called the protégé of Andre 3000. If you don’t know about Andre 3000 then it is time you go on search some information about him on the internet right now. GhosMerck, real name Tavaris Mitchell, was born in Suffolk, Virginia. He has an unconventional way of putting together his lyrics and some more deliciousness is added to his raps with his voice. He has a very unique tone and a very clear way of pronouncing words. However, he goes fast and sometimes you can compare him to the fastest rappers you have heard so far.

GhosMerck is one of those artists who don’t get famous in just one night for one performance. This guy has been to places and we can see that from his latest achievements. One of the biggest achievements for him is how he has suddenly got the attention of Timbaland and Missy Elliott. Timbaland Thursday, a website where all new artists only wish to find a place, gave space to GhosMerck. Here you can hear some of his songs and see how he can cast a spell on you with his lyrics, unique style of rapping and a crisp voice.

He has accomplished some more in the recent years. Just past year he was part of the VH1 “make a band famous” competition. Artists from around the country come here and show their talent and musical skills. VH1 “make a band famous” is known for holding competitions among some of the biggest singers known to the world such as Gotye, Ed Sheeran and Adele. GhosMerck, even though he was not as famous at the time of the competition, went as far as to become a semi-finalist in the competition. However, GhosMerck is not holding back and we know that from his recent activities.

GhosMerck’s song called “Swerving”, produced by the famous Dj Dennis Blaze, is now available on the internet i.e. SoundCloud. This track is already getting people by surprise and more and more clicks every day are reflecting how worthy of a talent GhosMerck is. Thousands of people have already listened to the track and liked it, and more are coming to hear it with time. Thousands of followers are waiting every day for some news from GhosMerck on his Twitter account. His track “Swerving” being played on various radio stations, is bound to be the next big rap song and if you haven't heard it, go ahead and hear it and spread the word.

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