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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cherry Suede; Profile

In an industry where the creative process is often suffocated by a label or management, Cherry Suede does things differently. Their artistic process is completely their own and they are constantly reinventing the business model. From their tour schedule to the close interaction they have with their fans, their nontraditional, unique take is what fills venues and keeps music lovers coming back for more.

Those music lovers, known as the Cherry Suede Brigade, are given the opportunity to get up close and personal with the band, thanks to technology. Using social media along with offering subscriptions to their website, livestreams and even consistently releasing songs digitally so their fans can access them immediately, Cherry Suede has figured out new and innovative ways to share their passion and tell their story.

The 2015 USA/ Canada Up Close and Personal Tour, which is completely a result of the Cherry Suede Brigade voting for the band to come to their top cities, will focus on what the band does best- playing music and interacting with fans. The set list will be a mix of songs from their first two studio albums, their two acoustic EPs and a preview of Volume 4 of their Up Close and Personal EP series.

New fans who may not be familiar with all of Cherry Suede’s songs, are encouraged to head to the website and check out the digital downloads, streaming music, and advance copies for sale. These tracks all have an individual sound and many were written with an emotional connection to artists that have impacted and influenced the band.

Cherry Suede is as excited as ever to hit the road again, perform live and meet and interact with their amazing friends in person. They feel blessed to do what they love every day and have what they believe to be the greatest job in the world!

About Cherry Suede:

Cherry Suede is a popular independent rock band from Ottawa, ON Canada.  Incorporating the unique approach of a direct-to-fan business model, they have played over 3000 shows in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Africa, without the help of any traditional record companies or agents. They are one of the first indie bands to embrace live concert streaming, and their Indiegogo crowd funding campaigns have both greatly exceeded their goals.  They often create premium travel experiences to destinations that include NYC, London, UK and even Kenya. Their merchandise line ranges from traditional shirts, hoodies and coffee mugs, to their own line of coffee and chocolate. The strong word of mouth and loyalty of Cherry Suede's fans has helped push them to the fore-front of leading independent artists, and where they dominate several key niche market segments online. Cherry Suede is fully licensed by SOCAN for their live streams in Canada and their on-demand content is handled through Limelight.

For tour dates, check the concert schedule at (

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