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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Kanye West Loves To Be With His Family

The American rapper is famous for being candid and very open at his gigs. He likes to give

lectures on the realities and tips for improving the world and surroundings. However the same

man becomes different while he is not in the public.

It’s just a few days back when Hal Carmichael (the stepbrother of Kayne Omari West) unveiled

what to do for having him in the family. Speaking of his brother, Hal mentioned that no one will

see Kanye smiling when he’s in public while he always smiles being with us. He's a real buffoon;

he's really droll and just loves to make his soul mate Kim [Kardashian, Kanye's wife] giggle


Revealing the variation in the singer’s moods, Hal said that when Wayne looks temperamental,

it happens as he lives in continuous thoughts and just never stop making plans behind his

head’s corner but in reality he is a jolly person and loves to smile. According to the Kayne’s

brother, the rapper doesn’t even take his own personality seriously and when he gets down the

arena, he becomes normal, he just doesn’t like ranting

The American entrepreneur was never in no doubts about what career path he had to follow.

He with his brother came together since the father of the two tied knots with Hal’s mother in

1997 and yet after that Kayne was a force to be deemed with.

Kayne is a passionate fan of late Michael Jackson and so was always following his footsteps.  He

liked to look well turned-out in some nice polo shirts and elegant sneakers. Also he would never

come out of his home looking like a mess.  Revealing more about Kayne, the stepbrother said

that he believes in an image and so he is always in Paris. He stays in touch with various

designers and wants to be taken seriously in the world.

Kayne married to his girlfriend who was a former reality television show star and now he is the

father of a 17-months old daughter. Despite Hal didn’t attend their wedding ceremony but he

has met the groom and is of the opinion that Kim is the right soul mate of his brother.  Hal

expressed his views about the wife of Kayne as she is a lovable lady and his first meeting with

her was when he was star-stuck.  But she was genuinely a humble girl who is down to earth just

like her husband.

Kayne loves his wife so much so it just becomes tough for him when people are mean about

her., he stirred.

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