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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lady Gaga Gets Pleasure From Ballet

The American rapper is getting a great pleasure from ballet class. She said that it was such a

fun, ballet brings me joy.

The 28yrs old songwriter and actress is a woman of hard work where she has a demanding

work calendar that she divides between her gigs, appearances, and the recordings at the studio.

This week she was able to take a break so she indulged in one of her favorite hobbies. She put a

picture of herself on her Instagram account yesterday where she could be seen cozy in a

feathery hooded cover, showing off a pair of ballet slippers. The fans that have seen the picture

of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta recognized with her stage name Lady Gaga, are of the

opinion that she looked hot in the picture.

'Just left ballet!' she put a caption besides expressing that she's having so much fun as she's

back to her old habit, and so she couldn't wipe this smile off her face. She said she is very happy

because she hasn't had time off like this in years.

The star is famous for her rambunctious stage performances but the wonderful reality boasting

her abilities confirm that Gaga has times gone by with the classical boogie form.

Apart from sharing the excitement by her Twitter feed, Gaga's reveling in her time off recently.

Gushing to her fans, she wrote that she was really excited to be preparing for the upcoming

festive period and wanted her fans enjoying with her.

Gaga said that she was decorating a Christmas tree herself for the first time in 6 years, I’m in

high spirits, 'she wrote. 'We should never take it for granted the happiness it has brought to


On the other hand, it doesn't call a full relaxing time for the 'Poker Face' hit-maker as she

recently been in Washington D.C., where the star spent the sundown honoring Sting, Al Green,

Lily Tomlin and Patricia McBride who all were given Kennedy Center honors medals.

That was the same venue where Gaga was in good mood showcasing it through raving about

what a pleasure it was to spend time with Meryl Streep who was just honored by Academy


Talking about Meryl, the singer wrote that 'Meryl is a truly amazing lady through and through. It

was such a joy to be with her. Really made me smile, a kindness beyond,’ she also put an

Instagram picture of the both of the wonderful superstars.

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