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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Justin Pines For Selena Gomez

The on & off relationship of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez has never been perfect.

Both the stars apparently have separated their ways but rumors are swirling around

that the 'Baby' singer still wants Selena back in his life.

The 20yrs old hit maker has continued a grueling union with Selena. Justin, on the

other hand, was recently in news to be tenderly linked to Hailey Baldwin. But various

reports are revealing some other story saying that Justin still pines after the 'Heart

Wants What It Wants' star.

'When it’s all about hooking up, Justin has Hailey; he has all the girls he likes to hook

up with and so brings them to his place. It's just not a problem and will continue the

way it is, but he stills wants Selena,' an insider revealed it to a tittle-tattle website

named Hollywood Life.

The whispers are also of the opinion that despite the newly blonde singer is up to

make amendments and gets success in reuniting with Selena; she'll slip out of his

hands. Justin is according to the grapevine in no doubt to shatter any chance he gets.

'Justin is going to mess up everything because he's not being able to be true to the

singer,' the source added. 'Justin always gets what he wants and this time he's after

Selena because he knows he can't have her.'

While Hailey, on the other hand, denies any relationships with the Canadian singer

outside of a friendly one. In the reply to the rumors, the 18yrs old daughter of actor

Stephen Baldwin laughed out and told the website that they've just been friends for


'I know Justin since I was very young like around 13 in age and we have just been

good friends for many years,' Hailey told E! News. She said that they have stayed

close and there is nothing more to the reality than that.

Interestingly, Hailey denied the affair claim after the couple was seen dining with

each other in Beverly Hills. They were also photographed while shopping together.

Even so, Selena looks as if she’s being very upset by the whispers swirling about

Justin and Hailey's romantic link up.

According to the sources Selena is away from Justin and isn't on talking terms with

the singer. She is really disappointed with news claiming that her ex is flaunting his

relationship with Hailey. 'Though they aren't dating, Selena takes it as a break up

earth. She knows him all too well.' A close mate of the actress told an American

music magazine.

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