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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

KA Twigs: I don’t like to be labeled

KA Twigs has gone for a transformation in her looks and so appears with a new rocker these

days. Despite the British songster has come up with several piercings beautifying her ears

appearance, a nose knife-like throughout her septum, and an idiosyncratic style for trend and

looks really hot, she doesn’t want anyone labeling her for what she is or looks like.

Some other colleagues, on the other hand, who have worked with Twigs as supporting dancers

to other celebrities for many years, have labeled her as ‘quirky’. The names hating Twigs

include Jessie J and Kylie.

That was something that hurt the ‘water me’ singer and she expressed it in words saying that

she was the 'quirky genderless girl' and if anybody ever states her quirky ever again, she’d

throw up on herself.

Sighing to a magazine named ‘Q’, FKA twigs said that she assumed she just felt truly detached

from herself. When somebody makes anybody else's dream come true by selling herself and

then boxing into the 'alternative kooky dancer' character, it’s just like feeling quite sucked dry.

This perhaps is the reason behind why the 26yrs old dancer is so determined in whatever she is

doing. And this exactly is the reason why she feels like not being uncomfortable ever again

because she believes that she has spent many years feeling uncomfortable and has learnt a lot

at one fell swoop.

KA Twigs whose original name is Tahliah Debrett Barnet is at this time flying high in the charting

with her first studio album LP1 that has  earned the singer an honorable  nomination for

Mercury Prize's best British album.

Twigs appears to be struggling in her both phases of life where she comes up with her studio

album’s success and on the other hand, doesn’t appear to shabby toward romance in her

existence. The singer is often seen with Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson

but she also has an excellent idea about her new A-list years which could arrive at ending

without any word of warning. Her statement that ‘though it’s weird but she feels like at any

moment if she doesn’t keep on working hard, everything will just go away’, shows how aware

the songwriter about this reality is.

"Many speak, 'Oh, you're selling out this place.' But it doesn't really mean anything," she


Even if twigs doesn’t like to be called by any label but she has showcased what she is all about.

So Cheers!

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