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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kodaline Is Back In Action With Their New Single

The possessors of amazing competence, dashing personalities, appealing harmony, the Irish

rock band, Kodaline is back in action after their new single release. Making a warm welcome

with an impressive innovation single ‘Honest’,  the boys are returning on the first day of

February next year.

Jacknife Lee is the producer of their new larger-than-life tracks and the band is showing the real

excitement toward its release by RCA records.

The group is based on Dublin and was known as 21 Demands in the beginning. Later in 2011,

the boys changed their group name to Kodaline. Their albums ‘In A Perfect World’ and ‘Brand

New Day’ took them to the top of the success and fame.

Kodaline’s new presentation boasts the real approach of the boys widening the trademark

sound that lead their first appearance with ‘A Perfect World’ being at number 3 among the top

ten triumphs. Not only this, as the album had 230,000 selling just in the land of the United

Kingdom in the year of 2013.

The band is of the opinion that their day & nights on tap hard work and heartily efforts are

gathered in making the album and therefore, the lead singer Steve Garrigan, guitarist Mark

Prendergast, bassist Jason Boland and drummer Vinny May anticipate the same success of their

single as their previous smashed the charts and became hit around the world.

The band has worked hard on the songwriting for the new single “Honest” and has been

showcasing a solid edging to their elevated chorus lines as well as widescreen jingle. The band

believes that working with Jacknife Lee was a great exposure and so the outcomes are going to

be astounding.

Jason Boland explained his experience of having Jacknife in the making of their new single. He

said that the guy opened their eyes to a different way of work and gave us a lesson in

experimenting with music.

The bassist said that Jacknife’s way of recording the tracks is simply wonderful and there is

everything in his studio that can turn on and synchronize the place and musical gears all over,

so if someone wants to play an instrument, they can just pick it up and use.

The Irish music producer and mixer who has worked with lots of different singers and bands,

seconds the explanation Jason made saying that Kodaline were in the habit of work in a

different way whereas his way of working is diverse. However there’s no doubt that they were

brave enough to try something new. And that something was just out of their comfort zone.

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