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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Priyanka Chopra Isn’t Ready To Give Up Singing

Singing isn’t a cup of tea for everyone.  Besides, some actors-turned singers who boast their hidden talent of superb musical talent, many times music lovers have to put up with some actors-turned-singers too who literally make a clutter of music.

The Bollywood hot actress, Priyanka Chopra is a huge fan of music and has been expressing her love to singing. She many times expressed her wish to come out as a singer whose melodies could be loved by the music fans around the world. She finally attempted to empower her voice with some English songs last year. She came with her hit albums ‘In My City’ and ‘Exotic’ where she had Will. I. Am and Pitbull.

Although; the charm of the hot actress as a singer doesn’t seems to be boost up in the way as she proved herself in the world of acting. Most of her songs don’t pick up in 10 seconds while you keep listening to them. Even so the optimistic lady is not ready to give up yet. Her latest record ‘I can’t make you love me’ hit the right harmony with melody lovers and was tuned at the number 3 on some music channels. She was thrilled to announce her latest record as solo artist on Twitter. This latest record sounds to be appealing than her previous albums and no doubt, Priyanka sounds ravishing this time. The track is foot-tapping and being listened almost everywhere. Hats Off Priyanka!

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