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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lynsey De Paul Passed Away

Lynsey De Paul passed away due to suspected brain hemorrhage on October 1, 2014, in Southwark, United Kingdom. She was taken to the hospital in London but doctors couldn't save her and she left her fans sad and disheartened.

64-yrs old British pop star was famous for her international success with the super sensation of ‘Sugar Me’ in 1972. It was a big hit around the world and had been at number 4 in Australia whereas was among top hits with number 5 ranking in the United Kingdom.

In addition to  the globally hit album 'Sugar Me', Lynsey had some other hit numbers such as Getting A Drag , Won't Somebody Dance With Me, and  Ooh I Do that so far remain unforgettable. Music lovers still love humming her hit tracks like No Honestly, My Man And Me and Rock Bottom

Lynsey also had the privilege of having her song ' Rock Bottom' submitted from the country for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1977.

Aside from her homeland, Lynsey also gave numerous numbers in Denmark, Ireland, Belgium, Austria and Sweden that added a momentous breakthrough in her overall musical career and were highly applaud around the world.  

The British pop singer wrote some songs and a few of her lyrics were recorded by Jack Wild (H.R. Puffinstuff). Lynsey Paul de is also recognized as the first lady to be honored by the Ivor Novello Award.

Lynsey didn't believe in marriages but her life depicts a complicated puzzle of different relationships that she had been involved in. Ringo Starr, Sean Connery, Bernie Taupin and Dudley Moore were some names with Lynsey’s name was linked and she did dated these handsome hunks too.

Lynsey has marked herself as a legendary pop star in the history of music industry and will always be cherished as a musical milestone of the time. 

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