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Friday, October 3, 2014

Jessie J Happily Finds It Easy To Talk About Her Sex Life

Jessie J, the most loved British singer openly talks about her sex life saying her parents know all of her phases and they are totally supportive about it.

At the start of her career, the musician declared having been bisexual and had gone through that part well. As of now, she states that the time was just a phase. Jessie has openly called herself as interested in men only. I want to have kids in the coming 4 to 8 years, said the star in an interview to British Magazine Cosmopolitan. The 26-year-old celebrity fully realizes the time passing by and has gone far telling that her parents know about her sex life, and they seem her to be handling it good. Also, she was of the view that she has reached a mature age and not being a teenager anymore, she realizes her responsibilities.

The celebrity says that her only concern at the moment is to achieve success in her career and fill the dreams she has regarded. There is however the best chance of her finding a man sooner as she seems eager. Jessie has been found saying that she is not much experienced and ready to have an affair, but is certain to find the man of her dreams sooner; in America maybe. Being inspired by a love like her mom and dad, Jessie says, she wants to be with a person who can make her laugh.

“Instagram and Twitter, have destroyed the romance and love these days,” Jessie said. Moreover, she deliberates if they can find a chance to escape social media and avoid too much communication over the web life would be a lot easier. Jessie thinks that without social media there would have been much more marriages each year.

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