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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Linkin Park Considering Reunion Tour With New Vocalist In 2025

According to several sources close to the band, three members of Linkin Park are considering hiring a female vocalist for a possible reunion tour in 2025.

The new vocalist would succeed Chester Bennington, the late lead singer of the band. Offers for a potential tour and headlining festival dates are being taken by booking agency WME.

The rumors

The sources said that this would feature Brad Delson, Mike Shinoda, and Dave Farrell, but the band has yet to disclose who will replace Bennington.

The lead singer had been considered one of the most durable and gifted vocalists of the 2000s, with his dynamic range perfect for the genre-bending style of the group.

According to a source, the band is hoping a female vocalist can reunite them, which is in line with the rumors that have been circulating for a while.

On March 30th, Jay Gordon had appeared on Wired in the Empire and said that there were rumors of a Linkin Park reunion.

He said that the band was a great and cool one that had been around for a while and was still going for it.

He added that it would be difficult for them without Chester, but he had heard that they had added a female singer. 

The vocalist

Later, Gordon had said that he did not know anything about the Linkin Park singer and his comments had been taken out of context.

Amy Lee, the frontwoman for Evanescence, had shot down rumors earlier this month about being a candidate for the lead vocalist.

The singer said on April 23rd that she had not been contacted by Linkin Park for the gig, even though some fans of the band had voiced hopes about her joining.

She added that it was amazing and while she only had a little time, she would be able to do it part-time.

The details

Shinoda had also been questioned about a possible reunion around the release of Papercuts on April 14th.

He said that rumors were always flying around and whenever anyone asked about the band, they responded that they would share it when there was something to share.

He said that if there is an announcement, it would be on their website and that people can decide how much to trust other sources.

According to Luminate, Linkin Park sold almost 29.4 million albums in the United States and is one of the most successful rock bands from the 2000s. 

24 songs of the band also made it on the Billboard Hot 100, which includes three top 10 hits. The first one was in 2003 with ‘In the End’, the second in 2007 with ‘What I’ve Done’, and then in 2009 with ‘New Divide’.   

The band has also seen about 37.2 million US song downloads, while the official on-demand US streams are about 11.6 million.

It also has 6 No.1 albums on the Billboard 200, which includes One More Light. This album debuted in 2017, just two months before Bennington had taken his own life.

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