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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Taylor Swift Supports Victims Of Tennessee Tornadoes

In recent news, Taylor Swift has made a substantial donation of $1 million to provide support to the victims affected by the recent tornadoes that disrupted all of Tennessee. 

Various tornadoes and storms swept through different parts of the state of the US, killing around six people.

Consequently, the state suffered extensive property damage, and numerous people were left injured.

After the devastation, the 33-year-old took to making the sizable donation and pledged the money to the Tennessee Emergency Response Fund.

Her funds were wired through the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, as revealed by sources close to the star.

Hal Cato, the CEO of the organization, confirmed the contribution made by the musician.

In addition, they applauded the singer for her donation, saying that it will aid in providing financial assistance, temporary housing, and food to those affected by the tornadoes. 

Furthermore, he said that there could be some amount that could be allocated to debris clean-up. 

Previously, the star donated $1 million to the Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund in March 2020 to support the victims of the tornadoes at the time.

She went on to add that Nashville is her home, and it breaks her heart to think that numerous people have now lost their homes.

The pop superstar had taken to her stories at the time to provide support and financial assistance to the victims of the tornadoes. 

The Cruel Summer singer was originally born in Pennsylvania but took to moving to Nashville with her family when she was a teenager. The move came for the musician to pursue a career in the music industry. 

As of now, she has various homes located in a number of US states, including Tennessee. Thus, she also makes it a point to vote in the state. 

The singer is well-known for her philanthropic efforts and, most recently, made generous contributions to food banks located throughout every city she performed in as part of her Eras Tour.

In other news, SZA has announced that she will be playing a concert as part of the Apple Music Live for the upcoming week.

According to the chart-topping star, she has been scheduled to play some of her biggest hits, which include Kill Bill, Snooze, and Nobody Gets Me.

She will also be singing some of her classic tracks, such as Broken Clocks, Love Galore, and Drew Barrymore.

The special performance is part of the star’s SOS Tour and is going to be filmed at the Barclay’s Center located in Brooklyn, New York.

It is all set to premier exclusively on Apple TV+ and Apple Music. 

In the words of the Global Head Of Hip Hop and R’n’B at Apple Music, Ebro Darden, SZA is one of the top streamed artists of the current year.

Moreover, this is especially exceptional, given that the singer has only released two full-length albums.

He added that it would be a pleasure for the streaming platform to have the SOS Tour be a part of Apple Music Live and its 2023 season.

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