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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Beyonce Under Fire For Allegedly Copying Japanese Artist

In recent news, Beyonce has come under fire and has been accused of copying Hajime Sorayama, an artist from Japan.

People believe that the singer has stolen the robot designs from the artist for her Renaissance tour.

When asked to comment on the situation, the designer insisted that he would not have had an issue collaborating with the Break My Soul hitmaker.

He went on to add that he admired the futuristic accessory of the stars, which people on the internet have compared to the work the artist did for shows for the Weeknd.

The Starboy hitmaker hired the Japanese creative to make a giant version of one of his femme robot dolls, which was featured during a couple of his gigs.

He posted a picture of Beyonce’s headpiece alongside his designs on Instagram, writing that she could have asked for his permission before using his designs.

He further added that the two of them could have worked together, and he would have ensured that she got a wonderful piece in return. 

The comment section of Hajime’s post was shortly filled with mixed opinions from various people online.

A majority of them claimed that the Japanese artist and Beyonce, both, had taken inspiration from Metropolis, a film by Fritz Lang from 1927. 

As of now, Beyonce has not made any comment regarding the accusation made by Hajime, nor has her team.

Meanwhile, Tina Knowles took to social media to call out haters for their ‘racist’, ‘hating’, ‘ignorant’, and ‘stupid’ statements.

This happened shortly after Beyonce was accused of using surgery or techniques to lighten the tone of her skin, which made her mother quite angry.

The mother of the 42-year-old singer was upset because of a video made of her on the internet, accusing the Grammy winner of trying to make herself look white.

According to the video, the star showed up in a lighter skin tone at the premiere of her movie, Renaissance. 

At this, Tina stated that everyone making such hateful comments was only jealous of the fame and success of her daughter.

She took to making a lengthy response alongside the video she posted on Instagram, saying that she was furious when she saw the video.

In the words of Beyonce’s mother, it is ridiculous that her daughter is being accused of lightening her skin and trying to be white simply because she wore platinum hair. 

Tina further ranted that Beyonce did no such thing since her movie Renaissance has a silver theme. 

Throughout the movie, the 42-year-old has silver hair, which is what inspired her look on the silver carpet, where she also wore silver attire.

Thus, the musician’s mother thought it was wrong of people to accuse her daughter of doing something she did not do when she was only trying to make a fashion statement. 

According to the 69-year-old, black women have had platinum hair for years, which does not make it unusual for her, the Cuff It hitmaker, to rock the same hairstyle at the premiere.

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