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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Taylor Swift Opens Up About Feud With Kim Kardashian

In recent news, Taylor Swift has talked about how her feud with Kim Kardashian and her then-husband, Kanye West, in 2016 had a negative impact on her mental health.

Back then, the Cruel Summer musician claimed that she had not granted permission to the rapper to cuss at her in the song.

Soon after, Kim took to posting a recording of a phone call that occurred between Kanye and Taylor, in which the former seemed to agree to it.

However, the singer claimed it had been misconstrued to bring her down.

At the time, the 33-year-old stepped back from the public eye, citing mental health concerns that had arisen due to the incident.

According to the star, her career had been taken away from her through an allegedly manufactured frame job and an illegally recorded phone call that Kim Kardashian had apparently edited and put out to tell everyone that Taylor was a liar.

As a result, the pop music icon was brought down psychologically and experienced a serious hit to her mental health. 

When talking about how badly the feud had impacted her, the 33-year-old said that she moved to a foreign country and did not leave her rental house for a year.

Moreover, she claimed that she was afraid to take phone calls and would push away the people closest to her because she did not trust them anymore.

Taylor soon made her comeback in 2017 with her new album, Reputation. However, she was not confident about it as she believed that she would not be able to shake off the incident that had occurred the year before.

In her words, the musician thought that the backlash from that time was going to negatively define her for the rest of her life.

But in 2020, the star of The Kardashians denied ever editing the phone call footage.

She took to writing on Twitter, which is now X, that her only issue with Taylor was that she lied, when in fact, she had granted permission to Kanye to cuss her in one of his songs.

Kanye and Kim share four children together and finalized their divorce in the previous year.

In other news, the 33-year-old has been crowned Person Of The Year by Time magazine.

The Shake It Off singer competed against various finalists, such as The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, King Charles III, Hollywood strikers, and Barbie to win this accolade.

The editor-in-chief of the magazine, Sam Jacobs, added that it was difficult to pick one person to represent eight billion people on the planet. 

However, they chose a celebrity who represents joy and manages to bring light into the world. 

Meanwhile, the music superstar was thrilled to receive the honor, adding that she feels creatively fulfilled due to the award. 

She went on to thank all her fans and her loved ones for always showing her support, which has allowed her to have significant influence and win Person Of The Year.

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