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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Sam Ryder Surprises Fans At Jingle Bell Ball

In recent news, Sam Ryder has taken to surprise his fans at the Jingle Bell Ball held in London.

The star made a surprise appearance at the festive event, causing fans to start cheering right away.

But what blew the minds of everyone present in the audience was the singer’s performance of his Christmas single, You’re Christmas To Me.

The Eurovision and chart-topping star later revealed that he wanted to surprise the fans by showing up to the annual festive event.

It was a part of the Barclaycard Amp It Up Experience, where the musician stole the show with a powerhouse performance. 

The song ended up becoming an exclusive treat for the people present at the biggest Christmas party in the UK. 

Speaking further on the surprise performance, the singer added that he received extreme joy from his performance.

He added that it had been a whole year since the fans showed him their unwavering support, and his debut album became number one on the charts in the country. 

Sam sent out love to all his fans, thanking them for making this time of the year even more magical.

He wished everyone a good time during the holidays and expressed what an honor it was for him to perform in front of such a happy crowd. 

In other news, Rebecca Ferguson has talked about how she ditched a number of major music labels to be able to judge just how much she can earn on her own.

The former star of the X factor talked about what a turbulent relationship she has had with the music industry.

She went on to add that she has always wanted to express herself as an independent artist but was unable to do so due to the labels holding her back.

Consequently, the 40-year-old grew tired of receiving only a pay cheque each month and wanted to check out her earnings for herself.

Moreover, the singer admitted that it was difficult to be controlled by labels, which is why she wanted to get a taste of freedom and enjoy being on her own. 

Rebecca released her most recent album, Heaven Part II, only a couple of years after she threatened to quit the music industry for good. 

However, she decided not to leave the spotlight and explained that she had only made that decision out of the frustration of wanting freedom. 

The star talked about how she had been through a lot, and it felt like the right move to get out from under the control of music labels. 

The musician further stipulated that it is possible to have a good relationship with the music industry and music itself.

She suggested that all stars should surround themselves with good people and remain independent.

The singer also cautioned artists from giving up complete control of their music to music labels, telling them to tread carefully.

Rebecca reflected on her own experiences, saying that she had been tainted and did not want the same thing to happen to the younger artists in the industry.

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