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Sunday, December 24, 2023

Kristin Chenoweth Announces She Will Be Time Off For Christmas

In recent news, Kristin Chenoweth has announced that she is going to be taking some rare time off to spend with her family.

This comes as news to fans as the actress is known for not taking breaks. However, for this festive season, she has made plans to be with her family as this is her first Christmas as a married woman.

The actress for Wicked revealed that she tends to work throughout the holiday season, but wanted to do something different this season.

Thus, she has scheduled a complete itinerary to spend quality time with her husband, Josh, and both their families.

Kristin went on to add that it becomes difficult to make time for families, especially since she and her spouse are both entertainers. 

Consequently, being in the same industry means that the couple has to work throughout the holiday season as well.

But the two made a decision not to pursue their usual routines this time around and instead enjoy it together. 

The guitarist from Backroad Anthem and Kristin started dating back in 2018 and finally tied the knot in September of this year.

Soon after, the pair flew to Arkansas to spend Thanksgiving with Josh’s family and will be in Oklahoma with Kristin’s family for Christmas.

Talking about spending the holidays with their families, the couple added that they would be alternating their time for festive seasons each year. 

Next year, the two will be celebrating Christmas with Josh’s family. Meanwhile, Kristin’s family will be able to spend Thanksgiving with the happy couple. 

Discussing Christmas traditions, the performer said that she tends to follow one that has been a part of her life since childhood. 

She recalled that her mother used to put up stockings for the entire family, which she loved more than the gifts under the tree. 

The star said that the gifts inside stockings were usually pretty normal, such as socks or toothbrushes, but their importance was far more than any other gift. 

In other news, Cher has revealed that she never keeps only a single Christmas tree at home during the holidays.

According to the 77-year-old, she prefers having multiple trees in her home and tends to go all-out with the decorations for her mansion in Malibu, California. 

According to her, she wants everything to smell like Christmas and be as good as new, which is why she picks fresh trees and decorates every single one of them.

The iconic hitmakers previously disclosed that she starts to decorate her trees at least two weeks before Christmas arrives.

This helps her remain in the holiday spirit and spend some quality holiday time with her family before the actual holidays. 

In her words, the singer said that decorating trees used to be her favorite tradition growing up. 

She would put numerous decorations on the tree that her family would bring in, alongside her sister, Georganne. 

Cher also added that she enjoys having a lot of people over to her place for Christmas as she enjoys the celebration more than any other holiday throughout the year.

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