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Monday, December 25, 2023

David Foster And Katharine McPhee To Celebrate Christmas In New Home

In recent news, David Foster and Katharine McPhee have announced that they will be creating fresh memories in their new home on Christmas.

The music producer and singer recently moved into the residence that they built from the ground up and are excited to start some new Christmas traditions.

The couple disclosed that this was going to be a fresh start for their little family, which also includes their two-year-old son, Rennie. 

Both artists are eager to be spending the holidays together since this is their chance to give each other some quality time.

It is widely known that the pair spend a lot of time apart, especially since the composer has been working on BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical in the city of Chicago. 

Thus, this is going to be a type of reunion for the small family, and they intend to make the most out of it.

David revealed that since he has been living on the East Coast quite a bit, it has been difficult to see the two people he loves the most.

He blamed Geography for splitting him up with his family but expressed gratitude for the holiday season. 

Meanwhile, the former actress of Smash stated that she tends to go a little overboard with decorations and music when the festive season arrives.

She added that she enjoys celebrating the holidays and does not miss out on any opportunity to do so.

The duo recently released the second part of their much-awaited festive album, titled Christmas Songs, back in October. 

In other news, Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart have admitted that they are going to need a marquee to be able to fit all their guests together.

While discussing their plans for the holiday season, the pair said that they have made an extensive guest list for a huge family Christmas and are likely to need a significantly large space to host. 

The TV personality further disclosed that there is not enough room in their home in Essex, England, to accommodate all the children and grandchildren of the Sailing rocker. 

Penny talked about how she and Rod have been thinking about their large family and the fact that they will need a marquee for the dining table. 

The rock legend has a total of eight children from five women and currently has three grandchildren as well.

But while discussing plans for the holidays, the couple did not mention which of Rod’s older children would be visiting them in the home that they share with two sons, Alistair and Aiden, who are 18 and 12 years old, respectively. 

Moreover, the pair shared that after the Christmas holidays, they may be making a trip to Scotland to celebrate Hogmanay. 

The Loose Women presenter and Maggie May crooner said that they have never done a Hogmanay, and this is going to be their first in Scotland. 

Despite being 78 years old, Rod insisted that he is as agile and energetic as ever going into the New Year.

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