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Thursday, December 28, 2023

Cher Files Paperwork To Become Sole Conservator Of Her Son

In recent news, Cher has filled out paperwork and filed it to become the primary and sole conservator of her son’s estate.

Elijah Blue Allman is the star’s 47-year-old son, whom she believes is unable to take care of himself. 

According to her, he struggles due to a drug addiction, which makes it difficult for him to be aware of the things around him. 

The 77-year-old further said that his struggles have made it impossible for him to manage his financial resources, and thus, he needs a conservator to help him out. 

The filing disclosed that the music icon cannot have discussions on her son’s preferences regarding the appointment of a conservator for a short time period.

The reason behind this is that Elijah’s mental and physical health problems are a confidential matter and, therefore, were added to the appropriate section of the filing.

In addition, the wording concluded that the reason Cher wants control of her son’s estate is because she believes that he is likely to spend all his funds on drugs.

As a result, Elijah would have no remaining assets to provide for himself and is likely going to be putting his life at risk.  

Moreover, the legendary star argued in the filing that her son’s estranged wife and her daughter-in-law, Marieangela King, should not be named his conservator.

According to the singer, his wife has no interest in helping out her husband. Instead, she added that Angela actively ensures that Elijah is unable to get sober and clean.

In her words, his estranged wife also prevents her son from receiving any mental health treatment, which he desperately requires. 

The filing goes on to add that it would be unsafe for Elijah, as well as his estate if his separated wife was appointed as the conservator. 

In addition, Cher believes that once Angela becomes the conservator of her son’s estate, it would result in an immediate dissipation or loss of all of his assets. 

Back in September, news swirled around of King accusing the 77-year-old of hiring four men to kidnap her own son in 2022.

According to Angela, this happened when she and Elijah were trying to reconcile and were on their way to fix things.

But according to Cher, this was untrue. Consequently, she went on to open up about the addiction issues that her son struggles with.

In the words of the star, she is a mother, and it is her job to ensure that her children are safe and secure.

Thus, she added that she was willing to do anything to help her son. She went on to advise all mothers to make sure that they did everything in their power to protect their children.

She stated that doing so brings her more joy than anything else, along with a little bit of heartache.

But all she does is smile, love her son, and try her best to be there for him as he struggles with drugs.

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