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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Chaka Khan Gives Up On Touring

In recent news, Chaka Khan has announced that she will not be touring anymore.

According to the Ain’t Nobody hitmaker, she will perform live on several special occasions but will not be going on tour anymore.

The 70-year-old further elaborated on her decision, saying she thinks there is more to her life than music. 

In her words, some people make music the center of her universe and she used to be the same way.

Chaka added that it is a good way to make substantial money in a short time, but that the fame does tend to get old. 

Consequently, she said that she has great-grandchildren now and wants to spend more time with them while she can.

Thus, she will not be going on tour as it will take her away from the people she loves. However, she will do the occasional show, as long as the dates are far apart and give her enough time to sleep. 

The singer was also questioned about whether she has decided to retire altogether, which prompted a laugh.

According to the musician, she has never understood people who dip in and out of retirement, and it seems like she will also be one of them.

Chaka believes that it is likely that she will announce her decision to retire three or four times before she actually decides to leave the spotlight for good. 

As of now, the 70-year-old is all set to perform in Los Angeles in January. Moreover, she has a couple of performances lined up for June and July in the UK. 

While talking about her music career, Chaka also claimed that she is not really worried about leaving behind a musical legacy.

However, she added that she wants some of her songs to have some longevity. However, she added that even if her songs are not too popular after her death, she will be okay with it.

In her words, if such a thing happens, people will have found someone else to appreciate. 

In other news, Salt-N-Pepa has provided insight into their collaborative relationship, saying that it is much like a marriage. 

The duo comprises Cheryl ‘Salt’ James along with Sandra ‘Pepa’ Denton and they have been performing with each other since 1985.

They have been friends for a very long time and have also managed to successfully carry a business relationship.

Now, the pair have opened up about how each one of them knows when to give space to the other. 

Salt spoke about their relationship, saying that they spend more time with each other than their own families.

Thus, it becomes important to cohabitate in peace and they function effectively by treating the other person well. 

She disclosed that sometimes the pair sleeps together in the same bed, and other times one of them takes the couch. 

The Push It hitmakers further added that they make sure to keep their partnership and friendship separate.

Therefore, an issue in one relationship does not reflect on the other in any way.

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