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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Mark Knopfler To Sell 120 Guitars

In recent news, Mark Knopfler has revealed that he will be selling off his guitar collection of no less than 12- guitars to donate to good causes.

The Dire Straits musician has made an announcement about the sale of his guitars, estimating that the range will be from £300 to £500,000.

He went on to state that a quarter of the funds raised from the sale of the equipment will be going to a wide range of charities.

The sale is all set to take place at Christie’s, which is located in London, on the 31st of January. 

The non-profits that are going to benefit from the proceeds of the sales are Tusk, the British Red Cross, and the Brave Hearts Of The North East.

The 74-year-old added that he was sad when he was picking out his guitars for sale, but he believes that all good things must come to an end.

He went on to recall the good times he has had with these guitars, saying that he cannot play them all and has decided to let them go.

The axe that is expected to generate the highest amount of proceeds of around £300,000 to 500,000 is believed to be the star’s 1959 vintage Gibson Les Paul Standard.

The musician is well-known for using this guitar on various tours that took place between 2001 and 2008.

In a video, the Money For Nothing hitmaker can be seen telling the auction house that he is excited to see his guitars go on sale.

He further confessed that each one of his musical instruments has brought about nostalgia in him.

In his words, 20 years ago, he could not have imagined ever parting with the guitars he holds so dear. 

The decision to sell the guitars comes only several days after news surfaced of the iconic group planning to not get together after all.

Despite rumors of being offered substantial amounts of money, the group refused to reunite.  

John Illsley, the bassist, revealed that the manager of the band, Paul Crockford, is always urging him to get back together with the rest of the group, quoting large sums of money.

The manager believes that people will pay a fortune to see the Sultans of Swing hitmakers perform once again.

The musician further added that every time he has a sit down with him, Paul reminds him of the wonderful opportunity it is to be back together.

According to him, the Grammy-winning rock band would be missing out on making significant sums of money by choosing not to perform as a group again. 

The Brother In Arms music group also comprised David Knopfler back in the day, who represented the band as a guitarist. He is also Mark’s brother. 

Another popular band member was Pick Withers, who used to play the guitar.

However, the band’s fame was short-lived when the members decided to part ways for good in 1995 after creating six studio albums together. 

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famers had initially gotten together in 1977 but decided to part ways in 1988. 

The band reunited in 1990, but their union did not last for a very long time.

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