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Thursday, November 23, 2023

Kanye West Reaches A Settlement With Former Yeezy Staff Member

In recent news, Kanye West has reached an agreement and settled a lawsuit with a former disgruntled employee.

As per legal documents, the attorney of the Stronger rapper has managed to negotiate a favorable agreement with Taliah Leslie, an ex-employee of Yeezy.

This settlement was reached after the pair and their attorneys went back and forth in a lengthy court dispute. 

As of now, the details of the settlement have not been shared with the public.

The dispute started in 2021 with Leslie accusing the musician and his executives who work for the fashion brand of allegedly violating labor laws in California.

The accuser claimed that the accused that the employee classification method used by the brand is incorrect.

In the words of the former employee, the bosses at Yeezy misclassify employees as independent contractors instead of full-time staff members to save up on benefits and wages. 

The court documents went on to reveal that the 46-year-old was also accused by Leslie of not paying for compulsory trips.

According to her, she had to pay out of pocket for work trips to and from various locations, such as France and Wyoming.

She went on to allege that she was also not reimbursed for her internet and phone bills, as well as other travel expenses, which were necessary to do her job. 

Yeezy is the name of the clothing and footwear brand launched by the musician. He first collaborated with Nike in 2006 to kick off his brand and then turned to Adidas in 2013 for promotions. 

In October of the previous year, Adidas took to severing ties with the rapper and called off the partnership with the Yeezy fashion brand.

The reason quoted for this was West making antisemitic comments in interviews and on various social media platforms.

As of now, the executives of the brand are still in the process of selling its leftover stock to avoid further losses. 

In other news, Ed Sheeran made a surprise appearance during a concert of 50 Cent in London. 

The In Da Club musician had been performing in the O2 Arena as part of his Final Lap Tour when the British songwriter and singer popped up on the stage beside him. 

According to video footage of the concert, a digital screen was lowered on the stage, which read that a monster was in it.

Consequently, the screen lifted to reveal the Shape Of You hitmaker, who then launched into his 2017 hit and hyped the crowd. 

Later on, 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, took to sharing pictures of himself and Ed posing backstage at the arena.

In the caption, he thanked the star for showing up for him and expressed gratitude at the fact that his show went amazingly well. 

The Perfect singer also documented the experience by sharing videos of the performance on Instagram.

In the clips, the 32-year-old can be seen singing to 21 Questions, a popular track of the rapper, before going on stage.

The rest of the clips, on the other hand, show the pair having a blast on the stage.

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