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Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Louis Tomlinson Claps Back At Conspiracy Theorists

In recent news, Louis Tomlinson has taken to call out fans who have been spinning conspiracy theories about him online.

The former star of One Direction took to X, which was previously known as Twitter, to give answers to fans who had been asking about his tour.

One fan took to asking how Louis makes chicken parmesan, to which he sarcastically responded that fans should realize their childish conspiracy theories are a waste of time and energy and then put the chicken in the oven.

The response from the musician caused much speculation among fans, with them wondering which theory he was referring to.

One such theory is the ‘Larry’ theory that fans cooked up, which speculates that the star once dated Harry Styles, his former bandmate.

However, the fan who had asked that question took to clarifying that they had only asked Louis for cooking advice and nothing more.

Later, another fan asked the singer if he had ever thought about leaving the music industry. 

The Back To You singer said that he felt insulted by the implication, even though he was sure that that was not what the fan was saying at all.

But he went on to say that he does not want to quit music in favor of practicing it since he enjoys performing on stage.

According to the musician, he loves the thrill he experiences whenever he is in the spotlight. 

As of now, the 31-year-old is halfway through his Faith in the Future World Tour trek and is all set to perform in the city of Dublin on the 10th of November. 

In other news, Kylie Minogue has said that she feels like her residency in Las Vegas has come at an excellent time. 

In the words of the 55-year-old superstar, she is excited to be getting ready to be the first-ever headliner for the Voltaire Theatre.

Consequently, she will be performing for 1,000 people at the Sin City Hotel on the 3rd of November.

She will be participating in the 20-day-long string of performances, which will become a part of her residency. 

The Spinning Around hitmaker is well-known for displaying several musical styles during her career in the industry. 

In the words of Kylie, she knew she would end up in Las Vegas one day with her string of hit songs.

These included her early SAW records, such as Rhythm of Love and Enjoy Yourself, which are more experiential records as compared to Impossible Princess, a 1997 release.

Kylie believes that her album from 2001, Fever, should also have been in Sin City when she first put it out. 

According to the musician, she always knew she would one day set out for Vegas. She recalled how back in 2005 when she was on her tour for Showgirl, the mention of a residency in the city first came up. 

Moreover, the Tension hitmaker has disclosed that she is overwhelmed by all the preparation that has been going into the headlining event. 

She further revealed that she has been worried about whether people have gotten their tickets or not. 

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