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Friday, October 27, 2023

Taylor Swift Shuts Down Rumors of Bisexuality

In recent news, Taylor Swift has shut down all rumors about her being bisexual, especially after a long-running fan theory went viral online.

According to rumors, the singer was believed to have secretly dated a couple of her female friends. 

However, in a written prologue of her 1989 album, which has now been re-released, the Shake It Off singer talked about the Gaylor fan theory.

She explained that, as per the theory, fans believed that she had been in a relationship with two of her closest pals, namely Dianna Agron and Karlie Kloss.

Taylor went on to reflect on a challenging period in 2014 when she released the album. In her words, she had wanted to silence the jokes that had been going around regarding her dating life.

Moreover, the musician said that she became tired of being the target of mean comments and memes online.  

As per the 33-year-old, it became difficult for her to even casually date people or hang out with male friends without people assuming that she was in a relationship with them. 

Thus, the star said that she stopped hanging out with any men and refused to engage with someone to date or flirt.

Consequently, Taylor said that she believed that by doing so, she was preventing people from weaponizing anything against her.

According to the hitmaker, the culture of today was supposed to liberate women, but she found it unfair that she was consistently being held to the moral standards that women were expected to follow back in the Victorian era. 

The 33-year-old said that once she swore off men, she started to spend more time with her music, her career, and her friends.

In her words, she did not think people could create any rumors if she started hanging out with her female friends more than she usually did.

However, the star was disappointed to learn that people sexualized her friendships with women as well. 

Later in the prologue, the Love Story hitmaker thanks the fans who did not believe the Gaylor theory.

She added that female friends brought her comfort in adulthood, which she had not had back when she was a child. 

1989 is the musician’s latest album, which was re-released after Fearless, Speak Now, and Red. It features newer versions of the original 16 tracks, plus five new additions.

In other news, Cher has revealed that she has never been a big fan of her voice. 

In the words of the music icon, she said that she does not understand why people find her voice so special.

The Believe singer said that if she could, she would exchange her voice with someone else, possibly her mother. 

As per the 77-year-old, she believes that she has a strange voice that does not sound like a man or a woman and makes her think she sounds weird. 

The pop singer went on to add that she cannot hold a note and just abstains from pronouncing her ‘r’s.

She also disclosed that she has trouble pronouncing a couple of consonants and, thus, leaves them open.

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