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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Iron Maiden To Go On Tour In North America

In recent news, Iron Maiden has revealed that it will be going on tour in North America in the upcoming year.

The heavy metal band from England said that it will be taking its Future Past Tour to Canada and the US in October of the upcoming year.

Consequently, it has planned to kick off the trek from the North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre located in San Diego, California.

After its first performance, the band will be flying to various other locations to perform, which include Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Denver, Portland, Rosemont, Montreal, Quebec, and Toronto, to name a few. 

By the time November rolls around, Iron Maiden will move towards the Wells Fargo Center, situated in Philadelphia.

From then on, it will be making several stops along the way before wrapping up the tour in Chile.

Baltimore, Pittsburg, Brooklyn, Charlotte, San Antonio, and Fort Worth are on the band’s list of places that it will be performing in. 

According to Steve Harris, the bassist of the band, he and the other band members could not be more excited to take the tour to a different continent in the upcoming year.

He recalled how thrilled fans were to see Iron Maiden perform at the Power Trip, as well as at other shows performed in Canada.

In his words, new songs from Somewhere in Time and Senjutsu appealed to the fans, which is why they decided to go on a trek to the United States and Canada. 

According to the bassist, the experience is going to be wonderful for the band, as well as for the fans, as he expressed gratitude to people for their support. 

The founder of Iron Maiden, Harris, will also be on tour with the band in 2024. At 67 years old, he serves as the backing vocalist, keyboardist, and main songwriter for the group.

Moreover, Harris has been a part of Iron Maiden ever since it was formed back in 1975, along with Dave Murray, the guitarist.

The two have managed to appear on every album released by the band. 

In other news, Taylor Swift has expressed gratitude to Kendrick Lamar, her collaborator for Bad Blood, for helping her re-record the vocals on the song.

The Shake It Off singer brought the musician on board when she decided to re-release the vocals for her previous album, 1989. 

Soon after the re-release of the old record, named 1989 (Taylor’s Version), the star took to Instagram to reveal to fans that a remix of Bad Blood, featuring Kendrick, was available for all.

She added that it is a deluxe edition of the album that she re-recorded, praising the rapper for his support of the project. 

According to the 33-year-old, it was an inspiring experience to watch Kendrick record and create his verses for the remixed version of Bad Blood.

In her words, this collaboration is one of those that she is most proud of, saying that her fellow musician helped elevate the song in a way no one could have.

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