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Monday, September 4, 2023

Playboi Carti Postpones Tour Dates For North America

In recent news, Playboi Carti has announced that he will be delaying his North American trek until the early months of the coming year. 

The US rapper had various shows lined up to kick off his most recent trek, Antagonist Tour. the first concert was to be held in Denver, Colorado, on the 6th of September. The last performance for this tour was scheduled for the 20th of October in Atlanta.

However, the official website of the star quietly released a bunch of new dates on his website. As per the new schedule, the trek will begin on the 14th of January in Salt Lake City.

Moreover, the new schedule further outlined that the tour would come to an end on the 29th of February in Portland, Oregon. 

The Delta Center, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, released a statement on the matter. It revealed that the rapper had decided to postpone his show that was originally supposed to be held on the 8th of September.

The venue did not disclose the future date, as Carti's website had not posted the schedule until then. But it did clarify that no other show is going to be held there. 

Numerous fans took to social media to reveal that they had received emails from the musician's label informing them that the show they were going to attend had been canceled. 

Meanwhile, the UK and Europe tour dates for the star's shows will remain unaffected.

As of now, it is unclear why the shows scheduled for North America have been pushed back. There has been no word from sources close to the rapper.

Earlier in the year, the 26-year-old had been arrested after he was accused of trying to choke his pregnant girlfriend. The reason revealed for this violent incident was over a paternity test. 

According to the sources, on the 20th of December, Carti had allegedly grabbed the unnamed woman by her throat and held onto her until she started to gasp for air. 

The rap star, whose real name is Jordan Carter, was taken in at the time and charged with felony aggravated assault in the state of Georgia. 

The female that he allegedly attacked came forward and revealed that she was 14 weeks pregnant and afraid for her life. She signed an affidavit in which she stated that she thought Carti was going to kill her. 

A statement was also obtained later, which discussed that there had been a witness on the scene. They had tried to put an end to the alleged physical altercation.

The witness stated that the woman ran to her car during the attack and tried to call 911. However, she was pulled out of the car by Carti, and he put his hand over her mouth.

When the police arrived on the scene, after a call from the witness, they found injuries on the woman's back, chest, and neck.

Carter was released only a day after he got arrested, and his lawyer deemed all allegations to be false.

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