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Friday, August 4, 2023

Lizzo Says She Is Not The Bad Guy After Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment

In recent news, Lizzo has given a long statement to clarify that she is not the villain. These comments come from her shortly after a lawsuit was filed by three of the dancers that previously used to work for her.

Just earlier in the week, Crystal Williams, Noelle Rodriguez, and Arianna Davis took to filing a lawsuit against the singer, in which they alleged that they suffered religious, racial, and sexual harassment. 

In addition, they have claimed that due to the actions of the 35-year-old, they were the victims of disability discrimination, a hostile work environment, and weight shaming. 

In response to these allegations, Melissa Jefferson, stage name Lizzo, has decided to issue a detailed statement on social media and proclaim her innocence.

In the story posted on Instagram, the star said that she is not the bad guy and is only being painted as such by the press, as well as her former dancers. 

She went on to say that the last couple of days have been pretty disappointing and difficult for her as she tried to process what had happened.

In her words, she could not believe that her morals, respectfulness, and work ethic were being questioned like this.

The 35-year-old further talked about how she could not stand to see her character being criticized, despite the fact that she had initially chosen not to respond to any false allegations.

But Lizzo said that she changed her mind when she saw how outrageous and unbelievable some of the claims were. 

According to the Juice hitmaker, her former dancers are only trying to tarnish her reputation. She revealed that they had admitted to their unprofessional and inappropriate behavior in front of the rest of the employees.

As per the singer, she is not the villain that everyone is painting her to be, rather takes her job seriously. 

The 35-year-old went on to add that she has high standards, which means that she sometimes has to take difficult decisions. 

However, she emphasized how it was never her intention to make someone feel uncomfortable and feel like they did not belong. 

Lizzo went into further detail, saying that she did not want people to think of her as the victim. But she said that she wants people to know that she is not a villain.

The popstar called out the media for portraying her as a monster and targeting her because of how open she is about her sexuality and not afraid to express herself.

But despite how open-minded she is, Lizzo said that she will not allow people to make something out of her that she is not. 

The Truth Hurts star is popular for promoting body positivity and has, thus, denied that she ever shamed anyone’s size, much less the people who work for her. 

Since she knows what it feels like to be shamed for your body, Lizzo said that she would never hurt someone else that way.

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