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Monday, July 24, 2023

Paramore Cites Illness And Postpones Concerts

In recent news, Paramore has postponed a number of its concerts after citing an illness. According to the band, the illness has rendered a majority of the touring party unable to perform. 

The last-minute announcement came shortly before the popular pop band was all set to go up on stage in San Francisco, California. 

Alongside the postponement of its concert on Saturday, Paramore, which is fronted by the well-known Hayley Williams, announced that it will not be able to perform on Sunday either. 

The San Francisco show has been rescheduled and will take place on the 7th of August, 2023. 

In a statement released on social media, the band added that the decision to postpone had not been taken lightly. Rather, the group deliberated over it for a while and decided to postpone for the betterment of its health. 

Consequently, the statement added that Paramore wanted to give its fans the high-powered performance that they deserve rather than be held back by an illness.

As a result, it was revealed that the shows in Portland, Salt Lake City, and Seattle were also rescheduled. 

The hitmakers of Misery Business had been scheduled to perform on Monday in Seattle, Washington. On Tuesday, they were going to be hitting the stage in Portland, Oregon, as well as Salt Lake City.

In addition, the concert in Utah was ready to be held on Thursday.

All these gigs, after being rescheduled, will now be taking place on the 9th, 10th, and 13th of August. 

When the concert in San Francisco was delayed, Paramore apologized to its fans for the inconvenience and disappointment, saying that it tried its best to go ahead with the show.

It acknowledged how people had shown their devotion and waited in line, move their plans around to attend the show, or traveled long distances. 

The stars further added that they understood that the postponement had affected a lot of people and caused disappointment throughout.

The band acknowledged that it did not take postponing shows lightly and had also been looking forward to these performances for a couple of months.

The statement released by the band concluded by sending love to the fans and expressing hope to see them soon. 

In other news, Harry Style took to giving his fans a heartfelt speech as his recent tour, Love On Tour came to an end on Saturday in Italy.

The As It Was hitmaker concluded the series of performances, which had begun in September of 2021, from the RCF Arena located in Reggio Emilia. 

Harry marked the occasion by expressing to his fans just how grateful he is for their support. He added how performing would be impossible if they did not buy tickets and wait in line to see him. 

As per social media footage, the singer expressed how lucky he felt that his fans showed up in drove to show him their support and make him feel special. 

The former One Direction star went on to thank the people who love him for spreading love and kindness and creating a safe space during the performances.

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