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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Troye Sivan Says His New Music Will Be Full Of Hope

Troye Sivan has recently announced that the new music he will be releasing is going to be full of hope. 

The actor and singer dropped his debut album back in 2015, which was called Blue Neighborhood. He followed it up with a new album in 2018, namely Bloom.

Just recently, Troye released a collaboration he recently had with PNAU. It is called You Know What I Need. And in his latest interview in May 2023, the star talked about how he is working on giving a brand-new album to his fans. 

He went on to talk about how the new music that he will soon be dropping is going to give people hope. But he had no idea that it would be an inspirational album when he started creating it.

The singer went on to talk about how he created an EP during the pandemic, and he was feeling very vulnerable. At the time, he was going through a difficult breakup as well. 

During the healing process, Troye sat down to get all his feelings down on paper and felt a lot better. This was when he decided to put all his emotions into a brand new 12-track album. 

Despite the fact that the popstar has said that he will not be releasing his new album in the near future, fans are quite excited.

Several of his fans have also noticed that the singer has developed a new mindset, which will be made evident when he drops a couple of new songs. 

Talking about his new project, Troye added that he does not know what the future holds for him. However, he is completely happy and satisfied with being in the dark.

The 27-year-old also talked about how comfortable he is being the person that he is right now. He added that he is grateful for his growth and the sense of connection and humanity he feels with himself. 

In other news, the popular 20-year-old singer, Ayra Starr, has revealed that she stays in touch with numerous of her fans via texting.

Ayra, real name Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe, debuted in the music industry with a successful and well-liked album called ’19 and Dangerous’. Prior to that, the singer would post covers on Instagram.

However, despite her rise to fame, Ayra still personally chats with her fans. It has been four years since she became famous, but she still speaks to the people who love her and stays updated on their lives. 

During a recent interview, the star talked about how it makes her feel connected to her fans to text with them. She got very excited too when explaining that one of them just got hired. 

In the words of Ayra, texting her fans is also a way for her to show them her personality. It also helps her make friends and let them know that she is proud of them. 

The 2022 Breakout Artist Of The Year at Net Honours said that it is a warm feeling for her to think about the fact that her fans love her enough to share their personal achievements and milestones with her.

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