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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Jonas Brothers To Begin Their Summer Tour Of 35 Dates

In recent news, the Jonas Brothers have announced that they will be embarking on a tour to play songs from each of their five albums. This will happen on every night of their North American tour, which is going to take off in a couple of months. 

The band announced this tour shortly after they saw the success that they were able to garner due to their most recent residency on Broadway. During their stay, the Jonas Brothers played only one of their many albums and all of its songs on every night they performed. 

This is why the three brothers together, namely Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas have decided that they will be playing five of their most-loved albums in their entirety when they go on the upcoming tour. 

The brothers took to social media to explain that the reason they were not going to perform every album in different cities is that they want to cover all five albums in Yankee Stadium first, and then do the same at every location they perform in. 

In a different clip posted by the brothers, they talked about how excited they are to be celebrating the release of their new album, called The Album. In their words, its release is a great way for them to celebrate the journey of their success and thank their fans.

According to the Jonas Brothers, this is their most ambitious tour, and they are quite excited to be performing five of their albums in a single night. 

‘The Tour’ is all set to take off on the 12th of August with the band performing two of its first shows in New York City at the Yankee Stadium. In the next two months after its performance at Yankee Stadium, the band will proceed to perform at different venues located across the US. These will include the Dodgers Stadium in the city of Los Angeles and the Wrigley Field located in Chicago. 

The trek will also consist of a number of other cities before it comes to a conclusion after 35 performances. The last date of the tour has been decided to be 14th October and the show will be held at the Kaseya Center in the city of Miami, Florida. 

The sixth studio album from the band, namely The Album, will soon be released on the 12th of May. 

In other news, Ed Sheeran has said that he will give up on making music if he does not win his ongoing copyright infringement case. 

When the singer was giving his testimony in Manhattan’s federal court, he stated that in the event that a jury deems him liable for plagiarism, he will give up on music. Currently, he is being accused of stealing the tune to the 1972 classic song Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye and using it for his single Thinking Out Loud.

According to the 32-year-old, if something like this happens, he will stop making music completely and will not perform anywhere either.

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