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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Ed Sheeran Releases His New Album

On Saturday, Ed Sheeran released his much-awaited album, called ‘-‘, which is the symbol for subtract. He used the platform Atlantic/Asylum to get his masterpieces out there and to his fans.

The entire album comprises of various songs that take listeners back in time to the roots of the singer/songwriter. According to the 32-year-old, his new releases bare his soul.

The songs on the album have been written to convey the feelings of hope and personal grief that the artist has felt in the past. It consists of Ed being his most honest and vulnerable self.

Before officially releasing the whole album, the star released two of its tracks. One was a heart-wrenching song called, Eyes Closed, which become the 14th UK top single for the artist.

The other song released was Boat, which is a fine example of Ed trying to push the boundaries of his creativity and songcraft. He revealed that one of his primary aims in writing this album was to deliver the best songwriting of his entire music career.

To ensure that ‘-‘ was a success, the popstar collaborated with Aaron Dessner to write and produce. The two were introduced by their mutual friend, Taylor Swift in February of 2022.

Together, the pair managed to write no less than 30 songs in a month in the studio, where they were confined in Kent, UK. 

One of the best parts of the album is that it has fourteen tracks, all of which have been beautifully tied together through exquisite production. 

Moreover, the album includes full-band and bold orchestral arrangements, along with folk-leaning and paired back textures.

When Ed announced the release of his new album, he recalled how hard he had worked for as long as a decade on Subtract. He added that his only goal for these years had been to sculpt the best acoustic album ever.

For this reason, the singer worked tirelessly and wrote and recorded hundreds of songs. All this time, he had a clear vision of what these songs should sound like.

At the beginning of 2022, according to the writer, a number of events brought various changes in his life. His mental health also changed, and his view of art and music was transformed. 

The 32-year-old said that creating and penning down songs is his therapy. It is a great way for him to understand his feelings.

In the words of the star, he wrote lyrics without thinking what the songs will be and put down every word or sentence that came to him. In a week, he had managed to pen down his darkest and most honest thoughts. 

The chart-topper recalled that in the span of a month, his whole world had turned upside down. This included his pregnant wife telling him that she had a tumor.

Moreover, he found out that she could not be treated until she gave birth. Another gut-wrenching incident was the death of the singer’s best friend, Jamal. 

The deceased had been like a brother to him, and Ed took his death hard. During this time, he was also sued for alleged plagiarism and had to show up in court to defend himself.

His court case had also caused the 32-year-old to miss his grandmother’s funeral. Thus, the singer explained, he had been spiraling through anxiety, depression, and fear.

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