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Friday, May 5, 2023

Ed Sheeran Emerges Victorious In Copyright Case For Thinking Out Loud

In recent news, Ed Sheeran has emerged victorious after his legal battle related to his hit song, namely Thinking Out Loud.

In the year 2018, Ed Townsend’s heirs took to suing the Shape Of You singer. In their words, Ed had plagiarized the song that their father had co-written with Marvin Gaye when working on Let’s Get It On.

According to the family of Ed Townsend, the singer breached the copyright law when he copied several elements from the 1973 hit song and included them in his 2014 ballad.

However, when the case was taken to court, the Manhattan Federal Court ruled in favor of the British songwriter-singer. According to the final verdict, which was reached after three long hours of discussions and deliberations, the Let’s Get It On track was not copied.

Up until now, Ed has not made any comment about his victory. But sources have revealed that when the verdict was given by the judges, the singer could be seen hugging his lawyers.

Shortly before the trial’s verdict was announced, the 32-year-old had made it clear that he would give up on music if he did not win. 

The singer was let down when he was sued, stating that he felt very insulted to have spent his entire life on music, only for it to be diminished by legal action. 

Where the verdict of the court is concerned, the Townsend family has not yet made a comment on it.

Meanwhile, the Shape Of You star has opened up about how he would never even think about any kind of litigation against fellow songwriters and singers. In his words, he would not sue others, even if there were possible similarities in the music they created.

The British singer, who defended himself in the face of copyright claims related to Shape Of You in the UK last year, was adamant that it would be unfair to other artists if he were to ever sue them. 

Giving an interview, Ed said that despite the fact that he would not put another artist through that, he himself has to be on the receiving end of some unwarranted legal action.

He took to opening up about how people had come to him in the past when the chords of their songs were similar to his. But he had cleared those songs personally.

The singer went on to say that the songwriting community usually works with eight notes and four chords, which are bound to overlap at some point. However, he was adamant about not plagiarizing anyone’s work. 

The 32-year-old further revealed that he also spoke to Chris Martin once and got Parallel Line cleared by him. It was a song that he wrote for Keith Urban, which sounded a lot like Everglow by Coldplay.

Recalling the incident, he talked about how gracious Chris Martin had been, saying that he knew Ed would never copy a song and that it was ridiculous to ‘clear’ songs like that.

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