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Saturday, October 8, 2022

Kanye West Rants About John Legend And Justin Bieber

In recent news, Kanye West has taken to social media once websites once again to let out his feelings. However, this time, his tirade targeted John Legend and Justin Bieber.

Earlier in the week, the Stronger rapper made headlines when he wore a shirt that said ‘White Lives Matter’ to his fashion show. The show for his Yeezy, which was held in Paris, led to controversy once again when Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, a fashion editor, was publicly criticized by Kanye. 

But now, the popstar has taken to return to Instagram and target various celebrities, including Hailey Bieber, Justin Bieber’s wife. However, the model took to responding to the comments made by him and defended Gabriella-Karefa Johnson.

According to Kanye, he wanted everyone to know that there was a fashion week a couple of days ago and no one decided to show up. He took to saying that various well-done clothes were being shown, but that no one was there to see them.

He went on to call the clothes overpriced and referred to people as ‘programmed sheep’. In the rapper’s words, the boots that Gabriella had been wearing were nothing short of ‘trash’, referring to the toes she had put on courtesy of the Timberland brand.

Next, the 45-year-old attacked John Legend, saying that these shoes were hideous enough that the All Of Me hitmaker would want them. In the same post, he addressed Justin directly to tell him to keep Hailey away from him.

Kanye also posted a screenshot of a post written by Hailey Bieber, in which she called him out for his poor treatment of Gabriella. On this, the rapper questioned Justin on social media if he was canceled again or not. 

In another social media post, the 45-year-old made an attempt to justify the T-shirt he had been wearing to the show. In his words, it is a ‘paradigm-shifting’ phrase. White Lives Matter originated as a racist response to the civil rights movement, Black Lives Matter. It is deemed to be a white supremacist phrase, which the singer has repeatedly supported.

When talking about his show, Kanye took pride in the fact that his shirt had garnered the attention of everyone around. He stated that nothing had happened, he had only shown up in his White Lives Matter t-shirt and everyone had made a fuss about him. 

He once again took to social media to take a jab at Bernard Arnault, the Louis Vuitton executive, saying that he can hire everyone who used to work for the 45-year-old once. The star reiterated that despite Arnault taking on the people that used to work for Kanye, it only took one shirt to get all the attention in the world. 

In other news, Justin Bieber has once again postponed the last couple of dates of his Justice World Tour. The tour had originally been scheduled for the year 2020 but had to be pushed back due to various coronavirus-related restrictions.

The performances began in the month of February, with concerts that were planned all the way up to March of 2023. Recently, a representative of the singer confirmed the news and revealed that no new dates have been scheduled as yet.

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