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Friday, March 11, 2022

Free Course On Mental Health Education Launched By Lady Gaga

Just recently, Lady Gaga revealed that she was launching a free online course on mental health. In her words, she wants to help people become educated on how to be there for themselves during the times they undergo a mental illness, as well as be there for others. 

The leaders working at the Born This Way Foundation of the hitmaker have taken to join hands with the team located at, the Canadian mental health charity. Together, they are going to be launching the Be There Certificate, which has been specifically designed to raise literacy related to various mental illnesses and mental health as a whole. The aim of this course is added to ensure that people have the necessary skills, confidence, and knowledge, needed to support someone who is struggling with a mental health issue, even if it is themselves. 

The online course has been made available in various languages, such as Spanish, French, and English. It will be teaching people how they can recognize when someone around them is in need of help, how to offer them support, and how to properly connect them with a professional. 

Gaga explained that young people across the globe are always talking about how they need affirmation, support, as well as validation. Thus, the Be There Certificate will allow them to give and receive just that. While talking about the genesis of the project, she added how sharing this important resource with young people in the world, she hopes to garner a sense of unity and belonging in everyone. In her words, she talked about how everyone has a role to play in this world and for everyone in their lives. 

The singer further agreed that it is difficult to start a conversation related to mental health or mental illness with someone and provide them with support. However, the Be There Certificate can help people learn just how to open up a safe, kind, and true passage for someone to get help or speak out about their troubles. 

The Poker Face singer took to social media to celebrate the launch. She posted a video in which she listed what she deemed to be five golden rules for a person who needs help and how a loved one can be there for them. 

The video consisted of her listing the number one rule as to call out what you see. Rule number two and three were to show care and hear the person out about their troubles. Then, number four enlisted being able to know what your role is in the situation. Consequently, connecting the person in need to some professional assistance was listed as the final step. 

Gaga founded the foundation alongside Cynthia Germanotta, her mother. The two have ensured that the foundation is fully committed to empowering and supporting young people, since its inception in the year 2012. 

According to the two founders, they understand how in this day and age, more and more youngsters are struggling with mental health, but do not have adequate support from their loved ones or awareness to seek medical assistance. Thus, they want to change this culture through this course.

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