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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Snoop Dogg Deems Sexual Assault Lawsuit As Meritless

Just recently, Snoop Dogg said that the lawsuit being filed against him has no merit and is only an attempt at a shakedown. In his words, the sexual assault allegations levelled against him are false and the accuser is trying to squeeze cash out of him, as his Super Bowl performance approaches.

In the complaint filed by an unidentified woman, Snoop Dogg or Calvin Broadus, sexually assaulted her in the bathroom of his recording studio in the year 2013. She claims that this happened when she was working as a dancer for the rapper himself. 

Shortly after the details of the filing were revealed to the public, a spokesperson for the rapper said that the claims being made in the lawsuit bear no weight. They said that the popstar himself believes that the allegations are only a part of a well-thought self-enrichment shakedown. 

The statement made by the spokesperson further called out the Jane Doe accuser, stating that she had only concocted the complaint to manufacture an incident that had allegedly occurred over eight years ago. It hit back against the woman, asserting that she was making it difficult for people to believe actual survivors of such heinous incidents by bringing up false allegations. 

The spokesperson was also questioned about whether or not the woman was ever in the employment of Snoop. The spokesperson, however, clarified that the woman was nowhere to be found in the records of employment of the rapper. They went on to point out that the accuser has also not provided a shred of evidence nor any proof of her being employed by Snoop in any of his companies. 

The unidentified woman filed her lawsuit with the Central District of California, earlier in the week. She claimed that she had been sexually assaulted by both, the rapper and an associate of his, namely Bishop Don Magic Juan. In her words, she was repeatedly assaulted after Snoop Dogg’s concert that was held at Club Heat Ultra Lounge in the state of California. 

The suit added that on the 29th of May 2013, Bishop Magic Juan, real name Donald Campbell, took her to his residence and assaulted her there. Once he was done, he demanded that she go with him to a recording studio, where Snoop Dogg was recording his new TV series. He promised the accuser that if the rapper liked her, he might make her his weather girl. 

The accuser went on to allege that she did end up accompanying Campbell to the recording studio, hoping to advance her career. However, upon her arrival at the location, she felt sick and decided to use the restroom. While she was in there, the complainant claims that the rapper walked in and began sexually assaulting her. Once he was done, he left her there, as she felt humiliated and violated.

The filing states that the plaintiff did not come forward before because she was afraid of jeopardizing her job. She felt pressured by the popstar and his associate due to the fact that he was in a position of power and could ensure that she was never hired by anyone in the industry.

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