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Monday, February 21, 2022

Dua Lipa Says Goodbye To Management

Just recently, it was revealed that Dua Lipa has decided to say goodbye to her management company. 

As per sources, the 26-year-old parted ways with her longtime management firm, run by Ed Millet and Ben Mawson, Tap Management. People have speculated that the end of this partnership comes at a quite surprising time given that the singer is all set to embark on the arena tour for Future Nostalgia in just nine days. 

A source closed to the hitmaker also revealed that Dua is currently not having any meetings with any other management firms out there. 

On the other hand, the singer revealed that as of now, she is spending a lot of time working on releasing her latest album. According to her, she had already thought of a name for the record and has a vision in mind for how she wanted it to be. She went on to add that she has started to write the songs that will eventually be a part of the album and the record is slowly taking shape. 

The 26-year-old went on to talk about how she has even started recording some of it and is having fun experimenting with it. She asserted that she will always be focused on making pop music but her latest album is going to have a different and unique sound. Dua promised fans that her new songs will be exciting and a step-up from Future Nostalgia. 

The popstar, however, added that she was unsure about the album. In her words, she has not yet decided what to do with it and will make changes as time progresses. She further added that her fans may not like it, as it is quite different from her usual sound but exciting all the same. 

Future Nostalgia is the latest album that was released by Dua back in the year 2020. But the award-winning hitmaker could not have imagined that one of her songs from the album, Levitating, would end up becoming a huge hit. 

In the words of the star herself, she can never predict which song from her album will receive the best reactions from her fans. However, she added that seeing the success enjoyed by Levitating allowed her to form her latest album around it. 

In other news, Adam Lambert has come to the defense of Adele, as the latter suddenly delayed her residency in Las Vegas. 

Just last month, the I Drink Wine singer received a lot of backlash after putting out an announcement that stated that she was not going to be performing in the US due to a couple of issues with production. This announcement was made just a few days before the singer was all set to perform at her first concert. 

Now, according to the 40-year-old singer, Adele was right in making the decision to postpone her shows because fans deserve fun and a complete show, rather than an unfinished one. He went on to express that he found it difficult to watch the tearful Instagram video that Adele posted to make this announcement. He also encouraged fans to understand the hitmaker’s side of the story instead of being angry at the postponement of shows.

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