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Friday, December 24, 2021

Sandra Bernhard Reflects On The Friendship She Used To Share With Madonna

Just recently, Sandra Bernhard shared some meaningful insight into the friendship that she used to share with Madonna.

While doing an interview, the 66-year-old actress talked about her bond with the Like A Virgin hitmaker back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. She recalled that their friendship had come to an end back in the year 1992 when the two had a falling out. 

According to Sandra, she did not appreciate the level of visibility and was forced to work for it constantly. She decided not to talk about exactly what it was that led to the two celebrities breaking off their long-time friendship. Further discussing the falling out, she stated that she believes that performers work according to a set script to a certain degree. Then, she continued to talk about how she is an improvisational person on the stage, as well as in life. The 66-year-old went on to say that she does not like to be tied down and act a certain way just to maintain her image. 

Sandra asserted that back when she and the Grammy winner shared a deep bond, Madonna had been at the peak of her career. She further said that the two had been real friends at the time and that the actress was not a passing friend to the singer. 

In Sandra’s words, the two shared a very real friendship for as long as it lasted. But she added that maintaining friendships like these is difficult for the Grammy winner. The actress believes that Madonna does not want someone around her who reflects too much on who they are. Thus, she added, her bonds with people do not last. 

In other news, the lead single for the third studio album of Ed Sheeran’s, Shape of You, has now become the first song ever to have crossed 3 billion streams on the music streaming platform, Spotify. This is a specially important achievement for the singer, as he is now the only artist in the history of Spotify to have a song from any album surpass the current number of streams. 

On the other hand, this is not the first milestone reached by the popstar. Just recently, several of his hit songs have crossed 1 billion streams on the application. These include Galway Girl and Happier, which have now earned their spot on the Billions Club Playlist on Spotify. 

Spotify Instagram posted a video of Ed shortly after he surpassed the 3 billion milestone. In the video, the popstar talks about how excited he is about receiving this good news and being able to achieve this honor. Moreover, the singer took to discussing the origin of his hit song, Shape Of You, recalling how it was not meant to be on the album, Divide, at all. But when he did finish the song, Ben Cook, a man from his label, stated that it should be a single. At the time, Ed had already decided to put Castle On The Hill out as a single.

Thus, they had decided to put both songs out at the same time, with the singer expecting the song to be downplayed. However, he was proved wrong when it crossed 3 billion streams on Spotify.

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